Amazon just made it easier to get data OUT of its cloud

Pack up a Snowball and send it home

Amazon AWS Snowball cloud data export

One of the under-the-radar announcements at Amazon Web Service’s re:Invent cloud conference last year was the announcement of Snowball. It’s a box the size of a small suitcase filled with storage drives. Amazon will ship you one, customers can load it up, then send it back to Amazon and upload data 50 terabytes at a time into the cloud. Check out a video of Amazon executives revealing Snowball here.

20151007 amazon aws snowball Amazon

An Amazon Snowball storage device.

Today AWS announced that customers can use Snowball to get data out of the cloud, 50 terabytes at a time, too.

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For all the fears of users being locked into the cloud, Amazon is now giving users an easy exit-ramp from the cloud. Just remember to be careful when you’re exporting data from the cloud, because many times that can be more expensive than importing it. Case in point: It’s free to upload data into Amazon’s Simple Storage Service, but costs $0.03 per GB to get it out.

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