Make threat intelligence meaningful: A 4-point plan

Threat intelligence is a hot topic, but it requires a ton of work to be operational and effective. Here's how to steer clear of the traps

Make threat intelligence meaningful: A 4-point plan

With data breaches grabbing headlines nearly every week, threat intelligence is shaping up as the next big thing in information security. That, of course, means there’s more hype and confusion to sift through.

Promises of silver bullets run rampant in information security. Buy an appliance to keep the bad guys out of the network. Deploy this platform and kiss zero-day attacks good-bye. Invest in this other service for a single pane of glass that tells you exactly what's going on in your network.

Now, throw threat intelligence into the mix: subscribe to these feeds and detect breaches before anything bad can happen! While the idea that threat intelligence can help improve enterprise security is a sound one, precious little attention is paid to how these systems can succeed.

Everyone wants a piece of this red-hot market, but too many vendors are spinning their latest offerings as some form of threat intelligence, and enterprises aren’t quite sure what they are getting. With CSO Online’s Steve Ragan, we break down the confusion and snake oil surrounding the current marketplace and offer concrete tips on how to make threat intelligence work.

The foundation of threat intelligence

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