New Aruba solutions accelerate the path to the digital workplace

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Digital transformation has been a hot topic with both IT and business leaders. Organizations of all sizes are trying to harness the potential of shifting to digital business models to lower costs and bring worker productivity to new heights. Unfortunately, the path to digital workspace isn’t an easy one as there are many components that need to be brought together.

This week Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, unveiled a new mobile-first portfolio to address the needs of the digital workspace. The solution is a suite of integrated networking software and hardware solutions that enable organizations the ability to meet the new demands. The shift to a new type of workspace is being driven by the influx of tech savvy workers with connected mobile devices as well as the Internet of Things (IoT). The new Aruba suite of products gives IT teams the ability to anticipate and resolve connectivity issues and create secure policies to build digital workspaces.

Legacy networks were architected with the notion of static, wired desktops that connected with premises based servers. The explosion of mobility, IoT and cloud has made this model obsolete and it’s time for organizations to think mobile first and reconsider network requirements. The digital workspace shifts the network services from being IT centric to becoming employee centric.

The new, integrated wired and wireless portfolio from Aruba, combined with advancements in network management and security, allow IT organizations to design and augment their networks for the digital workplace. Specifically Aruba brings these new capabilities to the digital workplace.

Predict Wi-Fi connectivity issues with Aruba Clarity

In many ways, fault management doesn’t really matter any more. Networks are built to be highly resilient and can withstand almost any outage. A more important concern is performance issues. IT often has to deal with the case where all of the network devices appear “green” on the monitoring console but users are complaining about things not working.

Aruba Clarity, a new software module for Aruba AirWave network management, collects data and performs analytics to deliver insights into the access layer to understand connectivity based issues that can impact user performance. IT can use this information to proactively address issues before users are impacted. With Clarity, AirWave can monitor a number of metrics such as the time taken for mobile devices to associate with access points, obtain IP addresses or resolve names for DNS services. In addition to monitoring how WiFi clients connect and roam, Clarity allows network operations to run tests on-demand or with scheduled sessions.

Lastly, updates to AirWave allows for time-lapse visualization of Wi-Fi coverage for up to 24 hours, giving network engineers “network DVR” capabilities to short circuit the troubleshooting process.

Secure the network down to the device

Meeting the challenges of the digital workplace, particularly with the addition of IoT, requires enterprises to be able to modify their security policies quickly and enforce changes in real time.

The new Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager 6.6 allows security operations teams to create policies that can adapt to BYOD and IoT growth. The new version also enables device profiling for any uncharacterized device.

As part of this solution, Aruba announced new multi-gigabit 330 series Wave 2 APs to deliver optimized performance of bandwidth intensive applications such as Microsoft Skype for Business, WiFi calling and video. Aruba offers a feature called ClientMatch that ensures that wave 2 capable mobile devices can take advantage of the MU-MIMO standards. The new access points also support integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for management of beacons for indoor location based services.

Aruba also announced it new 3810 Switch Series to connect at speeds 1, 2.5, 5 or 10 Gig speeds. Multi-gigabit technology offers great investment protection as the switch can be used today but also in the future as WiFi speeds increase.

Lastly, the digital workspace solution offers HPE multivendor integration services to complement the Aruba products. The services can be used to mask much of the complexity from trying to tie together products for a wide variety of vendors.

The shift to a digital workspace will be highly dependent on the wireless network. The new Aruba products combined with HPE services can help businesses deploy a digital ready network without the associated deployment risk.

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