ZeroStack gives you a private cloud without needing to manage it

Infrastructure is on-prem, management is in the cloud

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Startup ZeroStack is releasing the general availability of its hybrid cloud platform this week that combines an on-premises converged infrastructure stack that is managed by ZeroStack via a remote software platform.

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ZeroStack's converged infrastructure 

The combination of on-premises infrastructure plus remote vendor management means customers get a cloud behind their firewall without the need for extensive in-house knowledge to manage it.

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The concept is not entirely novel. Startup Platform9 does something similar, but that startup bases its entire cloud on OpenStack. Cisco’s Metacloud is a similar concept, and vendors like Rackspace, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and even Dell provide similar services. ZeroStack is hoping that its specific mixture of hardware and software services will differentiate it in the market though.

The on-premises component comes with a variety of options for users to deploy. The standard hardware comes in a 2U chasis with four server nodes. It supports between 64 and 128 CPU cores, between 512 GB and 1 TB of RAM and 6.4 TB to 19.2 TB of SSD capacity. It’s all based on commodity hardware that ZeroStack sells to customers. Multiple boxes can be connected together. It integrates with OpenStack Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

That on-premises infrastructure connects with ZeroStack’s Cloud Portal, which sits in the public cloud. ZeroStack monitors the infrastructure, pushes downloads of new features to the cloud and can troubleshoot many issues.

CEO and co-founder Ajay Gulati – who used to run Research and Development for VMware - says this setup combines the best qualities of both public and private cloud. It sits on customers’ premises, behind their firewall, so there is no concern about customer data being in the public cloud. It’s entirely managed by the ZeroStack public cloud though. ZeroStack plans to incorporate integrations with public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services in the future.

ZeroStack plans to price the hardware/software bundle at less than $100,000.

The Mountain View, CA-based company counts Kiran Bondalapati, founding engineer at Bromium, and Gulati as founders and has received $21.6 million in funding to date ($5.6M Series A in August 2015 and $16M Series B in October 2015) from Formation 8, Foundation Capital, and Mark Leslie of Leslie Ventures.

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