iPhone 7 Rumor Rollup: Superfast LTE; wraparound OLED screen; Case of the missing Earjack hole

Samsung boasts about Galaxy S7 dual-lens camera raises iPhone 7 rumor watchers' eyebrows

Apple has officially pre-empted the iPhone 7 rumors by inviting all of us to a live-streamed event on March 21 to presumably “loop you in” on a new 5-inch iPhone 5se and “mini” 9.7-inch iPad Pro, but let’s not stop us from rounding up the latest speculation on what comes after all that… 


How many times has that headline been used over the years? Anyway, reports surfaced this month that Intel will supply a “significant portion” of LTE modems for the iPhone 7 – not such good news for fellow supplier Qualcomm. Motley Fool, citing a report from CLSA Securities, writes that this could be a $1 billion (yes, with a B) opportunity for Intel. 

Motley Fool goes on to suggest this must refer to Intel’s XMM 7360 modem, which supports LTE category 10, which boasts downlink speeds of 450Mbps and uplink speeds of 100Mbps. “This would represent a substantial improvement over the Qualcomm MDM9635 modem inside of the iPhone 6s/6s Plus, which supports 300 megabits per second download and just 50 megabits per second upload.” But there is a question of whether this deal is really true, and how Apple would then need to manage building CDMA-friendly phones with Qualcomm chips for some regions and non-CDMA phones for others with the Intel or Qualcomm processors… 

MacRumors says that Apple already boosted LTE on its iPhone 6s and 6s Plus phones, but with users’ chowing down more video and other demanding apps, you can understand why they’d keep pushing.


Not to get ahead of ourselves (well, actually that’s pretty much all we do in this column), some now say that the much discussed possible iPhone with OLED display could be a whopping 5.8 inches and wrap around the sides of the smartphone. Apple’s largest phone now is the 5.5-inch iPhone 6s Plus.

Colleague Yoni Heisler, citing a DigiTimes report that such a phone with an organic light-emitting diode screen could hit the market by next year or the year after, suggests that a much bigger iPhone isn’t a crazy idea.

“Though Apple was once beholden to the iPhone's 3.5-inch form factor, the company in recent years has demonstrated a bit more flexibility as it pertains to screen size.”

Then again, there are some big doubts about this big phone ever becoming a reality. Look no further than AppleInsider’s “Absurd report claims Apple is prepping a 5.8” iPhone with OLED display for 2018.”


People just can’t wait to see how Apple implements a dual-lens camera (one being a zoom) into its iPhone 7 line-up.

Boy Genius Report speculates that Apple could even pull a page from the new Android-based Samsung Galaxy S7’s book by coming out with a dual-lens camera using some of the same innards.

“The camera of the Galaxy S7 is without a doubt one of the best new features in Samsung’s newest flagship series. In fact, when unveiling the new camera, Samsung compared it extensively to the iPhone 6s to prove to the audience how much better it is. In an ironic twist of events, could the same image sensor make its way to the upcoming iPhone 7?”

BGR goes on to point out that Samsung boasted in a non-Galaxy S7 press release this past week about its fancy camera sensor and will be making the technology available to partners. While Apple might not be one of those, it is possible that Apple could fetch similar technology from Sony, whose camera sensor technology has also been shown to be used in the latest Samsung smartphone.

 Matt Gonzalez from MacRumors does a nice job envisioning how the Apple iPhone 7 dual-lens camera could work in this video as well.


One way that iPhone rumormongers and rumor followers sniff out news about the next great Apple smartphones is by keeping an eye on what new cases look like, and cases glimpsed this past week add credence to the idea that Apple is abandoning the traditional 3.5mm headset jack for a proprietary Lightning-based one.

9to5Mac, citing images shared via the Twitter account @OnLeaks, notes that these cases don’t have a hole for a 3.5mm headphone jack. Suspicious indeed! 


Or so thinks Samantha Bee, the newish late night TV show host, who hacked her own phone before the government got a chance to do so.

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