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How to control Cortana, Windows Hello and other Windows 10 features

Many features of Windows 10 and specific apps are highly configurable in the enterprise, whether an administrator wants to turn them on, tweak settings or turn them off entirely.

windows 10 cortana settings

Windows 10 is full of great functionality for the enterprise, but not every environment is suitable for everything Windows 10 has to offer. Fortunately, each feature or app lends itself to a good amount of tuning to fit the needs of both users and organizational policies. And by using Group Policy or mobile device management (MDM) settings, an administrator can set a policy setting and then copy it for multiple users, computers or devices, greatly reducing administrative effort.

This article looks at ways to wrangle Cortana, Windows Hello, Microsoft Edge and Windows Store settings, whether that means restricting parameters for more control or disabling them outright.

Cortana, the personal assistant

Cortana is the voice-driven personal assistant feature in Windows 10 that ratchets up the productivity level of business users in the office or on the go. It's also available as an app in Windows Phone, iOS and Android. Cortana is a powerful search tool for both the local device and Web. It opens applications by name, works with Microsoft Power BI to provide on-the-fly data analytics (revenue for the last two quarters, average customer spending by location, etc.), handles calendar appointments and processes fairly complex requests for reminders (for example "Remind me when I’m near <office supply store> to buy printer paper").

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