Pure pixie dust from Teridion. It's like Waze, but for the internet

With its cloud-optimized routing platform, the company promises to make the internet move faster

Pure pixie dust from Teridion

Every now and then I get a product demo that makes me grin. One where the value of the product is just so obvious that I can't argue. That was the case recently when I met with Teridion and heard about what they're up to.

Technically speaking Teridion offers a cloud-optimized routing platform. That is an uber-technical description and doesn't really do the product justice. But how about a description that is easier to understand? Like Waze, but for the internet? Or how about some results—a 20 times internet performance improvement?

Teridion offers the Global Cloud Network (GCN) a new approach to content delivery that is both non-caching and secure—and required no hardware or pre-provisioning of servers. GCN is a globally routed overlay network leveraging cloud-optimized routing. Teridion deploys a number of Cloud Virtual Routers across the global data centers of multiple cloud vendors. These routers automatically sense localized traffic issues and route traffic to the best path for optimum speed. The net result is blazing performance.

Proof is in the pudding

Teridion gave me a live demo and showed me a 100MB file being uploaded from California to Ireland. The upload took 46 seconds without Teridion and a scant 3 seconds with the solution.

Teridion sells to content creators (or, more precisely, vendors with content movement requirements) as a readily integrated third-party add-on. The interesting thing here is that vendors sometimes try to build this out themselves. I remember an announcement from file-sharing vendor Box a few years ago trumpeting the performance that a new homegrown routing optimization overlay would deliver to its customers.

Other vendors see the sense in deferring to a specialist for this sort of functionality, such is the case for another file-sharing vendor, Egnyte. Egnyte has signed up to Teridion and seems impressed:

“Egnyte customers rely on their ability to utilize a wide range of applications, devices and storage when interacting with their content,” said Vineet Jain, CEO at Egnyte. “If connectivity issues pop up and latency becomes a problem, we turn Teridion to solve it. Wherever problems occur, we sprinkle Teridion like pixie dust, watching any issues magically disappear.”

Teridion is seriously cool. In an industry where we see countless examples of technology that don't actually do anything, Teridion is a refreshing departure. I envisage an attractive future for this company.

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