Blame the cellphone: Injuries pile up, from cat bites to shocks to broken bones

Our examination of Emergency Room reports to Consumer Product Safety Commission tells a hurtful story of people and their phones

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burns on his or her tongue. 

Surprisingly, no spontaneous combustion incidents made the cut. 


You might think by now that every kid would knew more about how to use cellphones than grown-ups, but you wouldn’t know it from the injury report.

Lots of kids throw phones at each other (lets hope these are cheapo pre-paid phones and not pricey iPhones or big old Android phablets).

One 14-year-old male had a cellphone thrown to him, it hit him in the head and he passed out with a cut to his noggin. Kids who should know better put phones in their mouths and ingested parts. A 13-year-old whose bare feet apparently weren’t toughened up by years of stepping on LEGO blocks pierced the bottom of one foot when stepping on the prongs of a phone charger.


Ubiquitous wireless cellphone charging can’t come soon enough for the injury-prone.

One 9-year-old male cut his knee after tripping on a phone charger and falling.

Sure, the old-timers will curse those youngins and their cellphones, but landline phones have caused their share of harm too. More than a dozen people tripped over phone cords to land themselves in the ER.

Take the 71-year-old female who cut her forehead after tripping on a telephone cord and hitting the wall. Others in their 70s broke ankles and knees after getting tripped up on cords. 


Now it’s not as if phone makers don’t make their customers aware of safety precautions. Apple, for example, warns in its iPhone User Guide against using a phone with a cracked screen and against cycling with your headphones on. Sure, you need to get to page 183 out of 196 in the guide to find this stuff, but still, it’s mostly common sense.

Of course, it's a lack of this that helps keep so many ERs busy...

You can browse through the entire spreadsheet of phone-related injuries for 2014 below:

Phone-related injuries, 2014 by bbrown8331

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