25 real-life ways people have been hurt using their phones

Cellphones, landlines conspire to smash, trip up, burn and cut the masses.

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Phones & the ER

More than 500 phone-related injuries were reported to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in 2014 via about 100 hospitals sharing data on emergency room visits for the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System. NEISS is used to help spot possible issues with categories of products that are causing harm, though as you’ll see here, phone users aren’t blameless. (With apologies to those who truly were injured…)

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30-year-old male walked into wet cement while texting; did not listen to construction workers’ instruction; exposure to feet.

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Hello Kitty

Cat bites middle finger of 63-year-old female after cat was startled by cellphone ringing.

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What are the chances?

31-year-old male was speaking on landline phone when lightning struck house and went through the phone to his arm.

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That’s some joke

17-year-old developed chest pain while face-timing and laughing with a friend.

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Grandkids do the Darnedest Things

57-year-old woman hit in the head accidentally by cell phone flung by her 2-year-old grandchild.

Cliff driver

Cliff driver

28-year-old male drove off cliff when trying to plug in Aux cord to phone, injured neck.

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37-year-old female injured head when missed a step when putting phone in pocket and fell down nine steps, hitting head on wall.

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Shocking News

30-year-old female dropped cellphone in puddle and plugged it into electrical socket and got shocked.

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Not food!

A child put a phone charger in his mouth and got shocked with electric burns to the tongue.

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New meaning for phone tree

19-year-old female’s friend threw her cellphone in a tree, she climbed it to retrieve the phone and fell onto her head.

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My lips are sealed

18-year-old male lower lip piercing got stuck in phone; ring broke.

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Can you hear me now?

40-year-old male had phone earpiece break off in ear.

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Told you so

14-year-old female reports pain to left wrist for one day, texting constantly on phone, suggesting “overuse” syndrome.

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Not woman’s best friend

61-year-old female walking her dog and dropped her cellphone in the street; she bent to pick it up, the dog pulled her onto her head on concrete.

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Not pointing fingers

17-year-old male got finger stuck in cellphone case, swelling finger, unable to remove.

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To catch a thief

17-year-old male chasing a thief who stole his cellphone, fell down onto knees and hands, resulting in abrasions.

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Nailed It

23-year-old female grabbed her cellphone forcefully and tore a nail off finger.

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Chip Off The Old…

17-year-old female dropped cellphone and chipped tooth. Separately, a 15-year-old female was holding a cellphone and was hit in the face by a basketball (resulting in tooth avulsion).

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It was a bad year

38-year-old female tripped and injured hand while talking on phone at wine tasting.

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Beautiful just the way you are

35-year-old female reported redness to face with itching while using a spa mask and a phone: allergic reaction.

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Kitchen danger

42-year-old female scalded face after dropping cellphone in hot grease while cooking French fries.

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Bargain aisle

29-year-old female injured head by running into a rack of clothes while texting at a store.

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Keep an eye on it

37-year-old male accidentally hit below eye by thrown cellphone about one week ago; four days ago was hit with child’s elbow to same spot.

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Chain Reaction

62-year-old female tripped over telephone cord, then later tripped over laundry hamper, injuring ankle and hand.

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A good place to get injured

23-year-old male plugging phone into charger at hospital lobby strained shoulder.