T-Mobile CEO John Legere tweets so much that he morphs into a Twitter emoji

T-Mobile's Legere pledges to have fun with his new Twitter icon

T-Mobile CEO John Legere morphs into a Twitter emoji

T-Mobile CEO John Legere, a ubiquitous and sometimes outrageous presence on social media, has earned himself emoji status at Twitter.

He tweeted on Monday that Twitter had given him his own emoji, and it turns out the magenta-clad icon is activated by including #tweetjohn in your tweet. Pope Francis is the only other individual to have been given a personal emoji by Twitter, inspired by the pontiff's visit to the United States last year.

T-MOBILE CEO JOHN LEGERE: Genius, Joker or Jerk?

Twitter has doled out other customized emojis for $1 million to big name advertisers such as to Pepsi and Anheuser-Busch during Super Bowl week, reports Adweek.

Legere, known both for his salty language and attention to customer service via various Uncarrier promotions, has helped to shore up T-Mobile's financials since taking over as CEO in 2012, and has consistently tweaked and prodded other wireless carriers along the way.

John Legere Twitter/T-Mobile

T-Mobile CEO John Legere Twitter emoji

He has pledged to have some fun with his new emoji in a way "to make competition squirm ;)". One way in which he is doing this is by inviting the public to urge AT&T and Verizon to sign a Wireless Customer Bill of Rights. CNNMoney reports that Legere's tweets are his own, and aren't cleared by PR.

Having tweeted some 17.5K times -- and not just about wireless services -- since joining Twitter in May 2013, Legere is clearly more active than his peers on the social platform. He even duked it out with Donald Trump on Twitter earlier this year. Among others, Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure is active on Twitter too and tweets a mix of company promotions alongside family-related and other updates (4,417 tweets since joining in late 2009).

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