How predictive analytics keeps crowds flowing at Georgia Aquarium

Beach Clark Georgia Aquarium

Beach Clark, VP of Data Science and Data Acquisition Technology at  Georgia Aquarium

“In our business, comments about crowding are the most highly correlated with a negative overall guest experience,” Beach Clark, VP of Data Science and Data Acquisition Technology at the Georgia Aquarium, told the audience at the CIO Perspectives event in Atlanta earlier this month.

Clark was a guest speaker at the event, discussing the use of predictive analytics and how it changed the experience for customers. Managing crowd attendance, monitoring guest comments and predicting future attendance are tasks all handed over to predictive analytics, Clark said.

“The mathematics behind a lot of what we’re doing have been around for a long time,” Clark said. “Over the last five years, what’s really happened is the popularization of these techniques. Companies like Google and Netflix and Amazon have really showed a whole bunch of creative ways that these mathematics can be used to really drive bottom-line performance.”

Clark discussed how the aquarium uses analytics to keep the crowds at an optimum level and how understanding patterns of crowds helped to create new opportunities and new revenue sources for the aquarium.

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