File sharing is not a zero sum game - Syncplicity wins big

Well, here's a surprise. Syncplicity gains a giant file sharing customer

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I've long bemoaned the sheer number of vendors competing in the enterprise file sharing and synchronization (EFSS) space. Google, Microsoft, Box, Dropbox, Egnyte and about a million others all cover the same, or at least a similar, functional spread. I've suggested that there simply isn't room for the number of vendors that exist.

And then something like this happens.

Syncplicity was a standalone file sharing vendor with an offering primarily geared towards small and mid-sized business. And then they were acquired by EMC in what is widely regarded as a debacle of an acquisition. EMC jettisoned Syncplicity as soon as they could and we all expected that the end was nigh. It seems we were wrong as Syncplicity is today announcing what it claims to be the largest EFSS deployment ever. One that covers 330,000 in over 150 countries and covers 3 petabytes of data in four global data centers.

Wow. Siemens AG, a massive multi national technology and engineering company has built its SmartStorage initative on the back of Syncplicity in order to manage enterprise-wide digital content, including users’ home and group share files and directories. In a nod to its former owner, this Syncplicity installation is using EMC’s Elastic Cloud Storage software-defined, object-based cloud storage platform installed in four global data centers around the world to deploy the solution.

“SmartStorage is one of our largest digitalization initiatives within Siemens, delivering critical capabilities to our employees and enabling us to work toward broader company goals,” said Georg Pilartz, head of IT infrastructure services for Siemens. “User experience, security, storage choice flexibility and large scale deployment were critical requirements for this project. Syncplicity was the company that best fulfilled these requirements. We are able to give our employees the EFSS solution they need while at the same time realizing significant cost savings by modernizing the underlying IT infrastructure.”

I would love to know who else was pitching for this work - in particular Egnyte, the poster child for hybrid EFSS will be smarting at this news. Syncplicity is, naturally, crowing about this win:

“Syncplicity has become the industry leader in hybrid file sync and share by focusing on the demanding and unique needs of large enterprise customers like Siemens, for whom a secure, flexible hybrid solution is absolutely vital to their business success,” said Jon Huberman, CEO of Syncplicity. “We are tremendously proud that Siemens has chosen to deploy our technology on this enormous scale, knowing it will enable the company and its people to be even more successful. Furthermore, it absolutely validates the ability of Syncplicity technology to manage the largest global deployments, so our customers can complete the digital transformation of their business years ahead of their competition.”

To be honest it's hard to disagree with that assessment. This is a huge win for Syncplicity and will shut this commentator up for at least a week.

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