New products of the week 4.18.16

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Stratus Technologies and A10.

New products of the week

New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.


Altify Max

Key features: Altify Max is the first "augmented intelligence" platform that combines human and machine intelligence. Altify Max includes more than 30 years of sales knowledge built-in and combines the deep muscle memory of a million sales engagements, knowledge of the world’s best sales methodologies and insights from each individual business to create instant, real-time recommendations about how to progress each opportunity. More info.



Key features –  Accellion’s new security features, including a number of "industry first" offerings, better enable enterprise employees to handle enterprise content securely. It does not matter whether employees are working remotely or onsite, collaborating with colleagues or external partners, or accessing content that is stored on premises or in the cloud; enterprise content can be retrieved, edited and shared securely within kiteworks. More info.


Apcera Community Edition

Key features: Apcera CE is the only cloud platform that lets developers and ITOps build a working compute cluster in 15 minutes on a laptop, or in a small cloud computing environment. More info.


Asigra AWS Snapshot Manager

Key features: Asigra is now offering a freemium software tool, AWS Snapshot Manager, in the AWS Marketplace that automates the process of performing and managing EBS images of virtual machine volumes in EC2 environments. More info.


Elastica Audit with Shadow IT Controls for Proxy

Key Features: Audit provides detailed discovery and visibility into usage of sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps, while delivering intelligence feeds to Blue Coat proxies for policy controls to manage shadow IT risks. More info.


Cloudera Enterprise 5.7

Pricing: Cloudera offers three main ways to purchase Cloudera Enterprise: Basic, Flex and Data Hub editions. Each edition is priced per node, with Basic being the lowest starting point where the typical cluster is sized in the 10's of node. Each Cloudera Enterprise edition is priced in the $1000's, scaling up from Basic to Data Hub edition.

Key features: Cloudera Enterprise 5.7 provides leading performance across key workloads - including an average 3x improvement for data processing with added support of Hive-on-Spark, and an average 2x improvement for business intelligence analytics with updates to Apache Impala (incubating). More info.



Key features: CSG unveiled security and functionality updates to its real-time messaging and encrypted voice/conference call app Cellcrypt, making it more secure and cost-effective for long-distance calls for enterprise communications. More info.


HyperStore 6.0

Key features: HyperStore 6.0 simplifies and automates data management for petabyte-scale cloud storage. New features include proactive repair, Amazon S3 cross-region replication for disaster recovery, and smart storage analytics. More info.


Distil API Security

Key features: Distil API Security provides an easy-to-use service which tracks API usage across both identification tokens and IP addresses to detect and block malicious activity, developer errors, and abuse. More info.


FlexNet Manager for Cloud Infrastructure

Key features: FlexNet Manager for Cloud Infrastructure extends Software Asset Management to Infrastructure-as-a-Service by providing enterprises with comprehensive, accurate, actionable insight into cloud infrastructure usage to optimize use and spend on these services. More info.

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Key features: GreySpark leverages existing tools and sensors within an enterprise to measure IT security health and report a simple, up-to-date score reflecting the overall IT risk present in an organization. More info.


Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training Spring 2016

Key features - adds features including EZXploit, a simulated phishing attack, which when clicked, comes up with a secondary ruse like a Java popup. A USB Drive Test provides a special "beaconized" Microsoft Office file on a USB drive which can then be dropped at an on-site, high traffic area and GEO-location which allows admin to see where simulated phishing attack failures are on a map, with drilldown and CSV-export options. More info.


Lucidworks View

Key features: Lucidworks View is a front-end for Fusion, Lucidworks’ flagship search platform, for quick and easy development of custom search-driven applications leveraging Apache Solr and Apache Spark. More info.


Impersonation Protect

Key features: Mimecast’s industry-first Impersonation Protect uses advanced scanning techniques to combat whaling and CEO fraud, protecting organizations from this multi-billion dollar cybersecurity threat that tricks users into sending fraudulent wire transfers. More info.


Keylight 4.4

Key features - Keylight 4.4 extends the patented Dynamic Content Framework across the entire platform to provide the context, efficiency and flexibility organizations require when struggling with new risks and compliance requirements. More info.



Key features – VSkyCube is a hyperconverged infrastructure solution for flexible, streamlined data center and IT operations.  It encompasses compute, networking and storage virtualization technologies. More info.


Qumulo Core 2.0

Key features: Qumulo Core has real-time data analytics built directly into the file system, giving enterprises a view of their data and storage resources at scale. It provides greater visibility into which data is most valuable, where it is stored, which users or applications are accessing what files, what should be archived, backed up or deleted, and why it grows. New features and benefits in Qumulo Core 2.0 include scalable, efficient, and resilient data protection with erasure coding, and capacity trends analytics. More info.


Intelligent Crowdsourcing Platform

Key features: Spare5’s Intelligent Crowdsourcing Platform offers data enrichment, data clean-up and data labeling. Qualified specialists clean up, label and improve companies' data with speed, scale, and unprecedented quality. More info.


Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center version 2.2

Key features: This patch management platform adds search and customization features and support for cross referencing vendor patch bulletins with Department of Defense alerts. It enables use of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager’s console to re-sign certificates, delete/republish updates and  manage products published to Windows Server updates. More info.

Robin Containerization Platform for Enterprise Applications

Robin Containerization Platform for Enterprise Applications

Key features: Robin’s application-defined data center software has container-based compute and storage, which simplifies application lifecycle, enables no-compromise application consolidation, and maximizes the performance of data-centric applications. More info.



Key features: ftServer streamlines and simplifies the continuous availability and management of industrial applications in three ways. Integrating Sightline Assure, adopting the OPC standard, and consolidating traditionally disparate systems. More info.


Thanx Branded App

Key features: The Thanx Branded App equips businesses with Thanx’s suite of mobile marketing tools. More info.


Remote Desktop Access (feature of Cloud Management Suite)

Key features: Remote Desktop Access drives efficiency for end users with worldwide access to endpoints through any Internet browser given its critical components that include accessibility, security, rapidity and compatibility. More info.


8-Port GigE Console Server with Modem

Key features: An Out-of-Band serial console port management solution for Gigabit Ethernet applications. Features 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet port plus v.92 internal modem with callback security. Also includes event monitoring and alarm functions. More info.


Wowza Streaming Cloud

Key features: Wowza Streaming Cloud is a complete, straightforward solution that delivers professional-grade live streaming to viewers around the world. With its enhanced features customers now benefit from new REST API that creates workflow options and enables on-demand use, significantly reduced latency and easy-to-use stream health monitoring. More info.


Zadara Storage Cloud

Key features: Adds object storage, flash cache, Fibre Channel. Common platform for any storage type (object, file block); protocol (FC,iSCSI, iSER, NFS, CIFS, S3) ; location (on-premise, public, private or hybrid cloud). More info.


Fourth Generation Thunder Series appliances

Key features: A10 Networks released six new Thunder Series appliances, including the industry’s fastest single rack unit ADC. The new fourth-generation offerings expand customer choice for entry-level, upper mid-range and high-end appliances. The company’s portfolio of appliances provides even greater price/performance –with scalability to 220Gbps of traffic per second, 10.5 million connections per second, and defense for over 300 million DDoS attacks per second. The fourth-generation Thunder appliances scale and secure the most demanding data center applications and networks. More info.


Proofpoint Email Protection (New Dynamic Impostor Email Classifier Stops Business Email Compromise)

Key features: Proofpoint Email Protection’s new dynamic impostor classifier quarantines business email compromise attempts—and helps organizations protect against malware and malware-free threats. More info.

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