JP Morgan: “Monumental” shift of enterprise workloads to the cloud

16% of large enterprise workloads run in public cloud

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A new report from JP Morgan quantifies just how significant the enterprise shift to the cloud has become.

The Wall Street giant queried 207 CIOs who have budgets of more than $600 million to find that 16.2% of the workloads under management by the CIOs run in the public cloud and within five years, 41.3% are expected to.

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We don’t normally put too much stock in surveys, but this one caught our eye because of who administered and took the survey.

JP Morgan says this represents a “monumental architectural shift” in how enterprise workloads are managed, according to Barrons. The move to the cloud is evidence across various industries, from educational institutions to the industrial sector.

When CIOs were asked which mega-vendor would be the most critical and indispensable to their IT environment, unsurprisingly Microsoft took the top spot. Amazon Web Services secured the second though, followed by Cisco. Which vendors have the most to lose in this shift to the cloud? IBM and HP, they said.

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