Cool products at OpenStack Austin Summit

Deploy, manage and monitor private, hybrid and public clouds with OpenStack, and so much more.

OpenStack Summit

New products

The open source cloud computing market descends on Austin, Texas, this week for the OpenStack Summit, the twice a year conference that showcases the platform and plans for its future. Check out some of the coolest products and services from the show.


HPE Helion OpenStack 3.0

Key features: Helion OpenStack 3.0, HPE’s latest OpenStack platform release, features enhancements designed to deliver improved configurability and tighter controls to maximize operational efficiency, without vendor lock-in, for easier private cloud deployment. More info.


Cisco Metapod

Pricing: Starts at $5000/month* + applicable hardware costs**
* Price based on 12-month subscription and includes a 99.99% production uptime SLA. Other subscription terms available.
** 10 servers minimum + networking equipment required. Prices will vary depending upon configuration.

Key features: Cisco Metapod is a production-ready, OpenStack-based, on-premises solution that we engineer, deploy, and remotely operate 24x7x365 on your behalf. Like public cloud, it just works. More info.


Brocade VNF Manager

Key features: Based on the OpenStack Tacker Project, Brocade VNF Manager provides automated NFV orchestration and VNF management using standards-based architectures to help organizations automate network service delivery while simplifying NFV deployment. More info.


Avi Vantage Platform

Key features: The Avi Vantage Platform provides software-defined application services for OpenStack clouds including load balancing, application analytics, predictive autoscaling, and developer self-service. It delivers agility and unmatched control in any data center or cloud. More info.

data direct

Web Object Scaler (WOS)

Key features: WOS optimizes networks for data sharing, erasure coding schemes and enhanced data durability. It now supports OpenStack. More info.

dell 2

Dell Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Solution Version 5.0

Key features: Dell Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Solution Version 5.0 provides an integrated, modular, co-engineered, validated core architecture and optional validated extensions, so organizations can easily extract value from the robust and vibrant technologies available in the OpenStack community. More info.



Key features: The GA release of DreamHost's OpenStack cloud computing platform, DreamCompute, includes hardware-accelerated virtual networking, all-SSD storage, and double the previous performance. More info.


F5 OpenStack Integration Suite includes F5 LBaaSv2 plugin driver for OpenStack; F5 Networks OpenStack Heat Plugin Library; and F5 Networks Heat Templates Library

Key features: The F5 OpenStack LBaaS plugin inserts load-balancing services into OpenStack powered clouds. The F5 Heat Plugin library configures advanced application delivery and security services via OpenStack Heat. More info.


Datera Elastic Data Fabric

Key features: Low latency, high performance on-premises OpenStack-supported Block Storage with infrastructure-as-code operational model. Software on commodity hardware that understands application intent to dynamically build and adjust storage composition to meet application requirements. More info.



Key features: New features include centralized monitoring, analytics and configuration; new GUI to simplify and improve usability, real-time performance, health and inventory monitoring and an OpenStack Cinder Driver, plus SAP Hana Integration and Certification. More info.


Agilio Intelligent Server Networking Platform

Pricing: ·       $693 for complete intelligent server adapter platform (hardware/software)
·       $444 for adapter
·       $249 for software

Key features: Netronome’s Agilio platform with enhanced OpenStack offloads provides significantly more VMs per server leading to up to 6X lower TCO and higher services revenue per server compared to traditional NICs. More info.


QCT QxStack Mirantis Unlocked Appliance for Cloud Native Applications

Key features:  The QCT QxStack Mirantis Unlocked Appliance for Cloud Native Applications features Mirantis OpenStack software, combined hardware and software from QCT and Cumulus Networks. More info.


NexentaEdge 1.1

Key features: The block and object software-defined platform now includes additional performance optimizations for all-flash and hybrid configurations, integrates with OpenStack ecosystems to simplify cloud deployments, and support for container-based deployments/Docker environments. More info.


Midokura Enterprise MidoNet 5.0

Key features: The latest release of MEM, an enterprise-grade network virtualization solution designed for IaaS clouds, features enhanced operational tools for OpenStack operators, including advanced analytics and dynamic visualization. More info.


OpenIO Object Storage

Key features: The OpenIO software allows organizations to converge applications and storage on a single OpenStack platform for massive hardware resource optimization. Version 16.04 is WebUI, FUSE and NFS ready and COS Bench performance validated. More info.


Supermicro Mirantis Unlocked Appliance for Cloud Native Applications

Key features: A turnkey, rack-based appliance featuring Mirantis OpenStack and hardware from Supermicro and Arista. Supermicro installs and certifies the appliance onsite within hours, giving companies an immediate onramp to agile development of cloud-native applications and container-based services in production. More info.

swift stack

SwiftStack 4.0

Key features: OpenStack-based SwiftStack 4.0 object storage software has new customer-driven capabilities to deliver greater scale and metadata search to achieve flexible, scalable cloud infrastructures. More info.


Openbook v3

Key features: Openbook by Talligent is cost and capacity management for OpenStack. The solution provides customer self-service, cloud capacity reporting, and detailed chargeback/showback of costs across OpenStack, VMware, and AWS hybrid environments. More info.


ZeroStack Cloud Platform

Key features: Provides a software-driven private cloud that offers the ease-of-use of a public cloud coupled with complete control and security delivered through hyper-converged ZeroStack Cloud Building Blocks managed by the ZeroStack Cloud Portal. More info.

a ativo

The Attivo BOTsink Solution

Key features: Supporting real time detection of inside-the-network threats for SDDC, the Attivo BOTsink Solution uses dynamic deception to lure and engage attackers.  The solution is highly scalable and for OpenStack environments.

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a internap

Horizon Console for AgileSERVER 2.0

Pricing: Free, but requires of AgileSERVER 2.0, which costs $129.00/month or $0.1734/hour

Key features: Gives users direct, secure access to bare-metal servers, ensuring a seamless, coherent experience between public cloud instances and bare-metal OpenStack IaaS servers via their remote browser, no indirect VPN access required. More info.

a linux academy

Linux Academy

Key features: High quality online Linux and OpenStack cloud training for teams and individuals. More info.

a datadog


Key features: Monitor vital statistics from your OpenStack via Nova and Neutron. Track resource usage such as CPU, memory and I/O either cluster wide, per project, or on individual hypervisors and virtual instances. More info.

a m10


Key features: The FlashArray//m10 is powered by hardware and software purpose-built for flash – delivering enterprise-proven resiliency, transformational simplicity with appliance-like install and SaaS-based management, and easy expandability without maintenance windows or data migrations. More info.



Key features: Quobyte is an enterprise-grade, production-ready, and complete software storage that’s fully integrated with OpenStack. Its block, file, and object storage capabilities get excellent performance out of commodity hardware while automating management. More info.

cloud enabler


Key features: An OpenStack-supported Orchestration Framework that simplifies orchestration by converging multiple DSLs (YAML, YAQL, CFN, TOSCA etc..) and Configuration management (Puppet, Chef, Shell Script, Powershell). Chain operations such as cloud provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, monitoring, security management, log management. More info.


CloudBees Jenkins Platform - Private SaaS Edition

Key features: CloudBees Jenkins Platform - Private SaaS Edition is an enterprise Jenkins as a Service solution for OpenStack private clouds. It features elasticity and scalability and is certified on Red Hat OpenStack. More info.



Key features - The NFV Lab gives operators access to a simple, easily consumable online lab for NFV testing in an OpenStack environment. Users also receive training on TOSCA orchestration and VNF modeling. More info.


Coho DataStream

Key features: With Coho Cinder driver, organizations can build OpenStack block storage that dynamically scales both performance and capacity. Coho’s unique SDN integration provides network optimized workload distribution to support the scalability requirements of cloud-based applications.


Solinea Goldstone Enterprise

Key features: Solinea Goldstone Enterprise is a resource optimization platform for enterprise operators of OpenStack private and hybrid clouds. It offers audit and visualization capabilities, as well as monitoring and alerting tools. More info.

storage made

Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Share and Sync Fabric

Key features: An Enterprise File Share and Sync Governance and Control Solution for OpenStack Swift with Single-Sign-On integration and a range of desktop and mobile Applications. More info.



Key features: TrilioVault is the industry’s only data protection-as-a-service solution built specifically for OpenStack. It offers seamless self-service, multi-tenant, policy-based comprehensive backup and recovery of workloads running in OpenStack. More info.

Platform9 Managed OpenStack

Platform9 Managed OpenStack

Key features: This release of Platform9 provides even greater ease of use and enterprise readiness, featuring single-sign on with Okta and all the features and improvements of OpenStack Liberty. More info.

SolidFire Python SDK

SolidFire Python SDK

Key features: The release of Python SDK dramatically reduces the amount of additional time and coding required for integration and orchestration between SolidFire’s platform and third-party applications, such as OpenStack. More info.



Key features: Thunder is free and open source. It installs OpenStack from bare metal to final deployment. It also manages all ToR switches and uses MPLS/BGP for each discreet cloud deployed. More info.


SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6

Key features: Based on the OpenStack release Liberty, SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6 delivers high availability enhancements and non-disruptive upgrades for future releases, along with Docker and IBM z Systems mainframe support. More info.

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