New products of the week 4.25.16

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Ctera and Ipswitch.

New products of the week

New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.


Array Networks APV1600

Key features: The APV1600, a fifth-generation application delivery controller (ADC) appliance runs Array’s Version 8.6 software to achieve industry-leading Layer-4 (3.7Gbps), Layer-7 (3Gbps) and SSL (2100TPS) benchmarks for throughput and connection speed. More info.


Persistence Services by Absolute

Key features: Persistence Services enables customers to ensure crucial applications remain installed on a device, regardless of user or location – on and off the corporate network. More info.


ASG Enterprise Data Intelligence Solution

Key features: Offering a unique patent pending combination of data lineage and data discovery tools, ASG Enterprise Data Intelligence empowers organizations to better understand the data that underpins strategic decisions and timely compliance responsibilities. More info.


Agari Enterprise Protect

Key features: Agari Enterprise Protect stops sophisticated, difficult to detect phishing attacks that are evading current security tools, protecting organizations from email-based data breaches, financial theft, malware delivery and critical system compromise.  More info.


DocAve Backup for Salesforce

Key features: DocAve Backup for Salesforce, a fully-cloud hosted solution, introduces comprehensive backup and restore capabilities for information stored in Salesforce CRM, reducing costly vulnerability created by data loss from human error. More info.

avere 2

Avere FXT 5200 Edge filer

Key features: Entry-level solution delivering the same software functionality as existing 5000 series to customers running low-performance workloads; Offers 50 percent more storage capacity in half the space of the preceding model; 1U rack-mount filer delivers significantly lower TCO and smaller data center footprint. More info.


Cohesity Data Platform 2.0

Key features: Cohesity Data Platform 2.0 consolidates secondary storage with data protection, test and development, and file services. Key new features include
 site-to-site replication, cloud archive, and hardware-accelerated, 256 - bit encryption. More info.


ControlUp Insights

Pricing: At the low end of sessions – say 100, it would cost $2,500 for the entry bundle (which includes Insights) ControlUp PRO.  For the next level, ControlUp Enterprise, it is $3,200 and for the top end, ControlUp Platinum, it is $3,500.   These ranges then scale up for these packages, depending on how many sessions are being monitored.  At the highest end, 5,000 sessions, it would be $25,500, $36,000 and $45,000 respectively.

Key features: a new SaaS offering that provides collective analytics, interactive historical reports and control of hybrid cloud applications. ControlUp’s collective analytics enables  IT administrators to not compare their IT operations historically for their own baseline and also to compare to similar IT infrastructures.  This unique functionality is critical to help IT departments set realistic goals and contain costs. More info.


LTE Advanced Routing Platform Suite

Key features: As carriers are introducing LTE Advanced (LTE-A) technology into networks to increase bandwidth speeds and coverage, these solutions are first to empower businesses to leverage LTE-A in the enterprise WAN. More info.


Cloud Storage Gateway Portfolio

Key features: CTERA's refreshed cloud storage gateway portfolio features a virtual appliance configuration and a re-engineering of the gateway file management system, updates designed to deliver increased deployment flexibility, storage capacity, and efficiency for remote office IT environments. More info.


Storage Pod 6.0

Key features: Version 6.0 is the lowest cost per GB they've achieved so far ($.036), which is 22% less than version 5.0, while going up from 180 TB total storage to 240 TB. They've also gone up from 45 hard drives to 60 drives in a 4U chassis. More info.

data resolution

SharePoint Enterprise 2013 for AWS (Basic, Business, Advanced and Bring your own License options available)

Pricing: Basic plan starts at $3.31/hour; $2,462.64/month; or $26,005.48/year. Basic BYOL starts at $0.96/hour. 

Key features: Run SharePoint on Amazon Web Services with your choice of five package options. SharePoint on AWS provides flexibility and assurance that your enterprise collaboration and workload requirements will operate in a high-performing environment. More info.

datapoint Network Performance Platform

Key features: helps online service providers improve internet performance to and from end users by reducing network latency, transit cost, packet loss and optimizing bandwidth by optimizing traditional BGP network routes. More info.


Spark Framework

Key features: Spark is a development framework natively-built on the Salesforce App Cloud. It enables users to efficiently build and manage flexible, scalable, and reactive business applications in the cloud. It connects to external applications with configuration, not code. More info.


The GigaPORT-C06X24

Key features: GigaPORT-C06X24 is a new interface module in the GigaVUE HD Series. Built for high performance networks, it breaks the terabit backplane barrier with six 100Gb ports and 24 10Gb ports.


LANGuardian 14

Key features: LANGuardian is a deep-packet inspection software for investigating, monitoring, and reporting on user and network activity. Latest version includes simple install wizard, intuitive new interface, re-designed dashboards and integrated search bar. More info.


MobileIron Access

Pricing: MobileIron Access is part of the Platinum bundle which lists for $125 per device per year.

Key features: MobileIron Access, first-of-its-kind security solution for protecting corporate data: only trusted apps on trusted devices with trusted users should be able to access corporate data in the cloud. More info.


WhatsUpGold 2016

Key features: Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 2016 is unified infrastructure and application monitoring software that provides a view of the entire network to help IT teams manage increasing IT complexity, discover operational insights and triage issues before they cause problems for users. Licensing is flexible to allow adapting their monitoring to changing network circumstances without having to worry about buying new licenses. More info.


Percona Server for MongoDB 3.2

Key features: The latest version of Percona’s enhanced, drop-in replacement for MongoDB offers all the improvements found in MongoDB 3.2 Community Edition, along with two additional storage engines – PerconaFT and Facebook’s MongoRocks – and enterprise-grade functionality. More info.


Pneuron 2.0

Key features: Business orchestration software that enables organizations to leverage existing applications, infrastructure, services and data to deliver actionable intelligence. Pneuron’s distributed approach eliminates complex centralization/integration required by traditional approaches. More info.


Polaris Office Business

Pricing:  Polaris Office Business offers unlimited monthly usage for up to 15 devices for $6.99/month.

Key features: Polaris Office Business offers a cross-functional, collaborative cloud office solution with advanced business management capabilities and document security, meeting the needs of users and administrators alike. More info.


Retriever Prepare

Key features: – a project management solution that integrates with in field scheduling and mobile delivery, to help businesses provide a seamless experience from the initial work order appointment booking right through to the on-site project completion. Specific features include appointment and job planning management. More info.



ThreatSecure Network 2.2

Key features:  Featuring a hub-sensor architecture and embedded IDS engine, ThreatSecure Network makes it easier and less costly for organizations to detect and disrupt persistent, multi-stage cyberattacks moving laterally across their networks.
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Basic OOB Reboot Solution for 120V AC

Key features: A low-cost, out-of-band reboot solution for remote 120V AC powered network equipment. Ideal for smaller sites. Includes four switched NEMA5-15R outlets plus monitoring and alarm features and enterprise management software. More info.


Xirrus EasyPass Google Integration

Key features: The Google integration for Easy Pass gives schools and businesses a simple way to secure access to their networks leveraging the cloud-based Google authentication system they are already using. More info.


Vizru Business Virtualization Platform

Key Features: Vizru is the only company to offer a Business Virtualization Platform that allows users to build secure, quickly extensible and easy to share business automation apps in minutes over existing cloud and on-premise systems without requiring IT involvement. The Vizru Business Virtualization Platform allows real-time orchestration between cloud and in-house systems with integrated distributed processing for auto-scale and inline policy management. Vizru comes with a feature-rich interface that’s built for self-serviceability and provides RESTful APIs for integrating with third-party products to seamlessly infuse them into overall enterprise data visualization and business process automation efforts.


Thunder SSLi

Key features:Thunder SSLi eliminates the SSL blind spot in corporate defenses and enables security devices to regain their effectiveness. Key benefits include high-performance encrypted traffic visibility, broad SSL/TLS coverage, built-in load balancing to scale security infrastructure, URL classification and filtering and threat intelligence services. More info.


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