Why Microsoft is your best strategic partner for the future

Avanade CEO Adam Warby details how a $2 billion IT services company is capitalizing on new Microsoft cloud and collaboration capabilities to power digital transformation projects.

Avanade CEO Adam Warby

In March 2000, Avanade was created as a joint venture of Microsoft and Accenture to help companies build the client-server architectures that have powered IT for years. While the Seattle-based company still handles bread-and-butter infrastructure integration, today it is squarely focused on helping clients move to the cloud and engineer their digital transformation initiatives.

In this installment of the IDG CEO Interview Series, Avanade CEO Adam Warby – along with North America President Mick Slattery – spoke with Chief Content Officer John Gallant about the keys to digital transformation and how Avanade and customers are benefitting from Microsoft’s own remarkable transitions – or, why Microsoft is the most important strategic partner for CIOs for the future. Warby discussed the changing role of the CIO and talked about the growing role of line-of-business executives in driving innovation.

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