Tech Q&As: The IDG Enterprise Interview Series

In the IDG Enterprise Interview Series, you'll hear from technology CIOs and CEOs on today's burgeoning trends, ongoing headaches and upcoming product plans. Check out this informative series from IDG Enterprise Chief Content Officer John Gallant and his team of editors.

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HP's Leo Apotheker: We're Heading to the Cloud

A day after Hewlett-Packard CEO Leo Apotheker outlined his strategic vision for HP -- a plan chock-full of new cloud offerings -- he sat down with IDG Enterprise Chief Content Officer John Gallant and InfoWorld Editor in Chief Eric Knorr to share his thoughts on a wide variety of issues.

Cloud Security: Symantec CEO Shares Why It's a Game Changer

Symantec Corp. CEO Enrique Salem outlines why 03 is such a critical initiative for the company, and how cloud and virtualization changed the security threat landscape and the business opportunities for Symantec.

SonicWall CEO: App Awareness Crucial for Security

SonicWall once focused on small and midsize businesses, but its introduction earlier this year of a next-generation firewall line dubbed SuperMassive leaves no doubt that the company is now taking aim at larger enterprises. In fact, the privately-held San Jose company's CEO, Matt Medeiros, says the enterprise market accounted for nearly half of SonicWall's sales over the past six months.

F5 Networks Gunning for More Data Center Control

Interview with Sean McAdam, CEO of F5 Networks, which has managed to garner nearly half of the Layer 4-7 switching market.

Aruba has Smartphone, IPad-Crazy Enterprise Covered

The influx of smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices into businesses is making many employees more productive, but Aruba Networks is seeing firsthand how much strain all of this newfound mobility is putting on the enterprise IT and security staffs that are its customers. In this installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series, IDGE Chief Content Officer John Gallant spoke with Aruba CEO Dominic Orr about the changing wired/wireless network architecture, competing with Cisco Systems, exploiting the cloud and the rise of 802.11n.

Brocade CEO: Ethernet Fabrics Will Undermine Dominant Cisco

Mon, November 15, 2010 - Brocade swallowed Foundry Networks a few years ago and has been hard at work ever since marrying the best of Brocade's storage network assets with Foundry's high-end Ethernet network tech. The result, says CEO Michael Klayko, is an emerging product line that positions the company perfectly for the demands of the virtualized, cloud-ready data center, and perfectly to steal share from Cisco.

Avaya CEO: How Video Will Change Business World

Last Wednesday, Avaya, Inc. made a splash in New York City with a portfolio of new collaboration products, including the Flare Experience multimedia conferencing system, a new tablet designed to support the Flare software and the web.alive (stet) virtual reality meeting service, among other offerings. In the latest installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series, IDGE Chief Content Officer John Gallant talked with Avaya leader Kevin Kennedy about the company's collaboration strategy, how the new products change the competitive battle with Microsoft Corp. and Cisco Systems, Inc., and what it's going to take to make video a part of everyday life for business users.

Riverbed CEO: Cisco Doesn't Own The Cloud

Jerry Kennelly, Co-founder, chairman and CEO of Riverbed Technology, on where Riverbed goes beyond WAN optimization.

What Makes Sybase Worth Nearly $6 Billion to SAP?

Sybase CEO John Chen, in an interview shortly before SAP announced plans to buy Sybase for about $6 billion, gives clues about why his company might be worth so much. The mobile enterprise has a lot to do with it.

Seven Questions with Cisco CEO John Chambers

Cisco CEO John Chambers talks virtualization, cloud, and the "Cisco Tax," in this installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series.

SAS Chief: Hot on Fraud Detection, Cool on Cloud Computing

At a recent media event, SAS CEO Dr. Jim Goodnight spoke with IDG Enterprise Chief Content Officer John Gallant about how businesses did -- and didn't -- take advantage of BI during the downturn and how the economy has changed the playing field in the BI market.

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