How Hilton delivers greater convenience to hotel guests

Most hotel chains are offering high tech amenities to their guests these days. From apps to IoT tech, Hilton’s raising the bar on what customers can expect, from the lobby to the room.

The modern travel experience involves much hassle and aggravation. There are endless security procedures, delayed flights and the discomfort of jet lag. After all that, who wants to stand in a long line waiting to check in at a hotel?

Hilton Worldwide is aiming to ease the hassle of travel with apps and Internet of Things (IoT) technology. The company’s approach emphasizes flexibility and convenience for guests.

Delivering flexibility and convenience by smartphone

With Hilton’s HHonors app, guests of the company’s hotels now have the ability to select their own rooms via their phones. It’s an important option for frequent travellers with clear preferences. In a 2014 Hilton survey, 84 percent of the business travelers polled said they wanted the ability to choose their own rooms. Guests have the option to select room type as well as specific rooms by room number. The latter option will be particularly significant for frequent travellers who have favorite rooms.

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