The CSO password management survival guide

It's time to make peace with passwords. This free guide will help.

CSO password management survival guide
CSO/Steve Traynor
CSO password management survival guide CSO/Steve Traynor

By now we're all well aware of what makes a bad password … it's us.

A glance at SplashData's annual reporting on the world's worst passwords shows just how laughably bad at creating passwords us humans really are. But what's worse, as Steve Ragan's analysis of leaked passwords shows, is that many passwords on the naughty list adhere to the carefully crafted password policies in use in companies today.

How can security leaders do better? For one thing, we can stop blaming users, says Michael Santarcangelo. Instead, we can focus on providing them with technology that makes the job easier.

That's where this guide comes in.

We'll help you communicate the challenges and what is at stake and evaluate and choose the right enterprise password management solution for your business.

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