New products of the week 5.9.16

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as EMC and SUSE.

New products of the week

New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.



Absolute Endpoint Data Discovery (EDD)

Key features: Endpoint Data Discovery (EDD) allows organizations to identify and protect sensitive data stored on an endpoint. More info.


Alpha Anywhere V4

Key features: Alpha Anywhere V4 adds 100+ new features to the Rapid Application Development platform, as well as a new mobile optimized forms capability that fundamentally streamlines data capture on mobile devices.


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Alteryx Analytics 10.5

Pricing: Alteryx starts at $3,995 Per-User, Per-Year (3-Year Subscription); $5,194 Per-User, Per-Year (1-Year Subscription)

Key features: Alteryx Analytics 10.5 offers: connections to Amazon Aurora, Google Sheets, Adobe Analytics, and; Apache Hive and Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse in-database data blending; expanded scalability with Alteryx Server.


Cortado Corporate Server 8

Key features: Cortado Corporate Server is the only solution to combine MDM/MAM with mobile file sharing and printing. The new version utilizes the native functions of Android for Work and iOS 9. More info.


Riak Time Series 1.3

Key features: Riak TS 1.3 is the industry's only enterprise grade database optimized for IoT data, now available in an open-source version with new multi data center replication and developer tools. More info.

emc info

EMC InfoArchive 4.0

Key features: InfoArchive 4.0 is an enterprise platform powering extreme compliant archiving scenarios of structured and unstructured data at petabyte scale, enhancing the ability to secure and leverage critical application data/content. More info.

emc leap


Pricing: Pricing for Leap Courier begins at $25 per user, per month for up to 500 open exchanges. Pricing for Leap Snap begins at $75 per user, per month for up to 100,000 pages per year. Through the LEAP Together Program and Loyalty Tier, existing customers will get free access to equivalent apps.

Key features: EMC LEAP is a suite of purpose-built, cloud-native content apps that deliver enterprise-grade content management capabilities combined with the most intuitive user experience for diverse business use cases.

When it's available: LEAP Courier and LEAP Snap are available to a limited number of customers today and will be generally available in June. LEAP Concert, LEAP Express, and LEAP Focus will have general availability in the second half of 2016. More info.


Beacon Endpoint Profiler version 4.3

Key features: The software includes more than 300 new pre-built IoT profiles for a  total of more than 1,300 profiles for real-time discovery and classification of all connected devices and enhanced behavior monitoring to detect most MAC Spoofing attempts. More info.


Indeed Prime

Key features: Indeed Prime is a new specialty job site where job seekers get exposure to hundreds of top companies and employers can find high-demand tech talent based on coding skills, education and work experience. More info.


TrustCall DIRECT Enterprise Version 4.0 and TrustCall DIRECT Service Provider Version 4.5

Pricing: TrustCall DIRECT Enterprise 4.0 and TrustCall DIRECT Service Provider 4.5 infrastructure starts at $150,000 and varies based on the customer requirements, number of users and more. TrustCall licenses are $200 per user per year.

Key features: KoolSpan’s latest platforms offer centralized management and administration enabling organizations to add encrypted communications across employees, partners and supply chains to enforce privacy, protect sensitive communications and maintain regulatory compliance. More info.


Jobvite Mobile Hiring Team app

Key features:  The Jobvite Mobile Hiring Team app allows hiring teams to screen candidates, review interview schedules, send messages, and submit interview feedback all on the go – and by voice command. More info.



Key features: ProofMe is an intuitive, versatile online tool for digital content collaboration that dramatically reduces the friction involved in sharing, revising and finalizing print, graphic, video and interactive content. More info.


Looker Data Apps

Key features - Looker Data Apps are pre-built, analytical applications for individual business units (sales, marketing, customer support) that make it easy for team members to engage with real-time data that’s important to their business function. More info.


Neo4j 3.0

Key features: Neo4j 3.0 offers scalability, new official in-house language drivers for Java, .NET, JavaScript, and Python, a new binary protocol (Bolt), support for Java Stored Procedures, and a companion Cloud service for the included Neo4j Browser development tool. More info.


Morphisec Endpoint Protector

Key Features: Morphisec Endpoint solution prevents and traps advanced attacks, vulnerability exploits, and zero-days by making sure attackers never find their targets. It does not require any prior knowledge about attack forms or behavior and does not rely on detection. Protector, the heart of the solution, is a slim user-mode service that stops 99 percent of advanced attacks with less than 1 percent false positives and zero runtime performance degradation. More info.


OpsDataStore 1.1

Key features: With this announcement OpsDataStore, the company delivering complete real-time operational transparency across the IT stack, gives IT leaders immediate access to real-time operational insights in their BI tool of choice. More info.


RightScale Container Manager

Key features: RightScale Container Manager provides universal visibility, monitoring, and management of Docker containers across clouds as well as virtual and bare-metal servers. More info.


Sinequa ES Version 10

Key features: Powered by Machine Learning capabilities at its core, Sinequa ES V10 helps deliver deep analytics of contents and user behavior, offering information with continually improving relevance to users in their work environments. More info.


Spanning Backup for Office 365

Key features: Spanning by EMC extends their enterprise-class SaaS data protection for Microsoft Office 365 to include OneDrive for Business, where a rapidly growing number of enterprise users are storing and sharing their important documents and files. With this release, Spanning helps reduce the risk of data loss in OneDrive for Business and ensures easy, prompt restoration of users’ crucial business data. More info.


SUSE Manager 3

Key features – SUSE Manager 3 reduces the complexities of managing IT infrastructures. New features include the integration of Salt automation software, improved configuration management, easier subscription management and enhanced monitoring capabilities. More info.

tech sentry

Tech Sentry Endpoint Suite

Pricing: Pricing is dependent upon the number of endpoint and multi-year license agreements purchased. For example, annual business plans start at $29.99 per license/seat and government/education/non-profit plans start at $22.99 per license/seat.

Key features: The comprehensive IT platform effectively secures business users and data while making systems more productive and reliable. Provides IT staff with a single-pane of glass to manage their company’s security endpoints, drivers, patch management, and performance. More info.


ThinPrint Hub

Key features: ThinPrint Hub, combined with ThinPrint software, provides a simple, end-to-end print service eliminating the need for IT expertise, local print servers and updates to each individual workstation at branch offices. More info.


NativeScript 2.0

Key features -  With NativeScript 2.0, Angular developers can now write native mobile applications for iOS and Android using Google’s Angular 2 JavaScript framework, delivering high-performing, native mobile applications with maximum skill and code reuse. More info.


3-Phase Rack ATS PDUs

Key features: These 3-phase rack-mount ATS PDUs with patent-pending technology have 30-amp to 60-amp input options and deliver 8.6 to 17.3 kW of redundant, power to single- or dual-corded rack loads. More info.

winmagic 2

SecureDoc CloudVM

Key features: an enterprise controlled application aware intelligent key management and cloud encryption solution offering support for public/ private/hybrid cloud environments, that provides key and policy management for virtualized workloads. More info.


OOB Power Reboot Control for DC Power

Key features: A reliable solution for out-of-band control of power reboot and switching functions at remote equipment sites. Available in 12, 24 and 48VDC configurations. Includes event monitoring, alarm and logging capabilities. More info.


XL Release 5.0

Key features: XL Release allows companies to automate, orchestrate and gain visibility into their software release pipelines at enterprise scale and simplifies the way stakeholders get insight into the software delivery process. More info.

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