Google I/O 2016: In pictures

The sights of Google’s home campus, and the delights of the outdoor edition of its annual developer conference.

google i0 2016 scenes 1

Welcome to Google summer camp!

Google’s annual I/O developer conference and general “give us this news cycle” event usually takes place in downtown San Francisco, but the company has opted for its own back yard this time around. Enjoy this collection of the woodsy sights of Google I/O 2016.

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google i0 2016 scenes 2

Big tent

To be more specific, the name of the venue is the Shoreline Amphitheater, and Wednesday morning’s keynote took place under this gigantic two-pronged tent in front of about 7,000 Googlers, journalists and other attendees.

google i0 2016 scenes 3

Piling in

The crowd gets situated before the keynote. In addition to the seating, note the giant grass lawn along the back of the venue, which wound up holding even more viewers.

google i0 2016 scenes 4

The Shoreline Amphitheater baseball park

Post-keynote shot, to get a better sense of the scale of the place. If it wasn’t the wrong shape – and, you know, tilted sharply – you could probably play baseball in here.

google i0 2016 scenes 5


Even if it’s a temporary building, intended as an exhibition hall, Google doesn’t do half-measures. The colored paneling also cast interestingly hued shadows on the ground, although those didn’t show up well on my camera.

google i0 2016 scenes 6


Further exhibitions and other flavors of show-offery were held in these giant plastic igloos. Maybe the idea was that the igloo shape would unconsciously convince show-goers that they were cooler than they were.

google i0 2016 scenes 7

Some things that are smart

Google talked plenty about the Internet of Things during its Google Home presentation during the keynote, and there was a lot more evidence of how serious the company is about the topic on display on the “show floor” afterwards.

google i0 2016 scenes 8

Wearables, wearables, wearables

With the release of Android Wear 2.0, Google announced a push on the wearables market, introducing capabilities like smartphone-independent apps and advanced API support. The UI redesign isn’t bad-looking, either.

google i0 2016 scenes 9


Google’s famous secret project to provide Internet service to underserved areas via a network of Wi-Fi-equipped balloons gets its fair share of both mockery and praise. Here, anyway, is proof that the company is at least a little bit serious about the whole thing.

google i0 2016 scenes 10

Jackson Pollbot

Here is a robot, that, for reasons best known to itself, periodically flings spatters of paint onto a rotating cube, creating an artistic effect. It’s just the kind of random robotic amusement that Google likes to show off at I/O. Past efforts have included a robot bartender, giant articulated hands, and other things that sound kind of creepy when you just list them off like that. It wasn’t that bad.

google i0 2016 scenes 11

Tunnel Vision

An Android experiment by developer Kyle Philips shows a distorted and bizarre view of the world around you, thanks to a set of time-based filters. It’s kind of like the Android equivalent of (/insert your least favorite political party/media outlet here.)