Developers cheer as Atlassian delivers continuously from the cloud

It's hard to reconcile building apps in the cloud with traditional delivery tools. Atlassian aims to resolve that.

Developers cheers as Atlassian delivers continously from the cloud

Atlassian is perhaps the quintessential example of how new companies are built. Founded in Australia, the company has scaled and is now firmly entrenched in the U.S. as a publicly listed company.

The interesting thing about Atlassian, at least compared to better known SaaS companies such as Box or Salesforce, is that it has scaled without resorting to the traditional model of having high-paid, and high-pressure, salespeople. Atlassian seems to have mastered the viral approach to selling, and it has an almost rabid following within enterprise development shops.

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Atlassian seems focused on increasing that rabid support and continually rolls out new features to delight its users. The company is holding its user conference, AtlasCamp, in Barcelona this week, and it is using the event to roll out some new developer goodness.

But don't think Atlassian and its executives are losing site of what they're doing here. In a blog post about the new releases, Atlasssian's newly minted CTO, Sri Viswanath, has end results front and center pointing out that the company is helping developers at Cochlear build aural implants to help people hear, the Telegraph to inform millions of readers each day, and Lufthansa Systems to provide IT services for everything from aviation safety to entertainment. As Viswanath points out, the common thread between these teams is the need to work smarter and faster.

Another common thread is the increasing uptake of Atlassian's cloud-based products. Viswanath said more than half of Atlassian's customers select their cloud offerings. As such, there is a real focus on changing the way development teams operate in the cloud—hence the release of Bitbucket Pipelines, a new continuous delivery product built within Bitbucket Cloud.

How Bitbucket Pipelines helps

What is it all about? As Viswanath puts it, because more software projects are built in the cloud, teams are struggling to apply on-premises continuous integration and delivery tools to this new platform. Teams need a way to start delivering easily and continue delivery at a rapid pace in the cloud.

That’s where Bitbucket Pipelines comes in. Bitbucket Pipelines is a continuous delivery service built into Bitbucket Cloud. Developers can now build and deploy code on every push to their Bitbucket repository and manage the entire development workflow within Bitbucket.

And Pipelines isn't a siloed tool. Atlassian has worked very closely with some of the leaders in the industry so customers can bring their own services to Bitbucket Pipelines, right out of the box. Whether they want to deploy, test, monitor code quality or store artifacts, users can complete any workflow with the tool of their choice: Amazon Web Services, Ansible, bitHound, BrowserStack, buddybuild, Code Climate, JFrog, Microsoft Azure, npm, SauceLabs, Sentry, Sonatype and TestFairy.


It's kind of a no-brainer here. Increasingly development teams are using tools both in the cloud and on more traditional infrastructure. A solution like Pipelines, that reconciles these two worlds, is of real value to developers.

More important, this is both a reflection of the increasing adoption of the cloud within larger enterprises and a good example of how Atlassian uses a bottom-up approach to expand both its presence within existing customers and its general footprint in the marketplace.

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