Top Raspberry Pi news of the week

Citrix wields Raspberry Pi in enterprise; Microsoft matches up Pi, 3D printers; Android support coming?

Top Raspberry Pi news of the week

We scratch and claw sometimes to find enterprise IT angles regarding the tiny and inexpensive Raspberry Pi computers, but this week, an item has fallen right into our lap.

Citrix touts Raspberry Pi

Citrix’s latest attempt to disrupt the business desktop PC market is via its $89 HDX Ready Pi box, which combines with Citrix XenDesktop virtual desktop technology and XenApp virtual apps. That could come in cheaper even than such client devices as Chromebooks.

Citrix VP of Emerging Solutions Chris Fleck writes on a company blog this week that the combination of the low-cost Raspberry Pi 3 platform with its own system-on-chip architecture, plus a locked down Linux OS, could widely expand the market for Raspberry Pi.

“In classic disruptive fashion, the Raspberry Pi has already taken a significant share of the education PC market with over 8 million devices shipped. With the Citrix-optimized HDX Ready Pi, we expect many other industries to adopt the platform, now that the ‘do it yourself’ barrier is demolished.”

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ViewSonic and Micro Center will sell the devices on Citrix’s behalf, and Citrix says that enterprises could distribute HDX Ready Pi boxes through the mail, vending machines or other channels.

The announcement made waves this week at Citrix's Synergy conference in Las Vegas, where Citrix Technology Professionals received the devices in little white gift boxes, according to some on Twitter.

One commenter on Twitter wrote:

citrix comment on twitter


Android blogs are buzzing about the possibility that Google might be bringing real Raspberry Pi support to Android.

Android Police says that single-board Raspberry Pi 3 looks to be in line for some Android love based on the fact that Google 5 weeks ago built a code repository for it within its Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Could this mean Raspberry Pi devices could run Android, not just various flavors or Linux and Windows, as well as scads of Android apps?

Android Police does temper its enthusiasm over this by saying: “Google may not necessarily be working on getting Android to run on the device itself, but rather could be adding support for Android to interface with the Pi for other purposes.” 

Microsoft has 3D printer ambitions for Pi

Microsoft has provided native support for 3D printers since Windows 8.1, and now has added a Windows 10 IoT Core sample app, dubbed Network 3D Printer, that extends the range of printers handled and boosts network support to include Wi-Fi. The app can run on a Raspberry Pi and convert it into a print server.

Billy Anders, director of program management for Windows IoT, writes on a Microsoft blog that:

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts can use this solution starting today to network enable their 3D printers and we invite device manufacturers to evaluate the experience that this enables and the benefits of being able to easily Wi-Fi enable their devices and connect them to Windows.

Fun & games: Minecraft on Pi

CNet’s Jason Cipriani feels your pain if the barebones Minecraft Pi that comes with the Raspian OS for Rasperry Pi just doesn’t do it for you. He advises on how to get a full-blown version of Minecraft cranking on a Raspberry Pi.

You’ll need to buy a Minecraft license and then follow instructions for installing it on Raspberry Pi. Consider it part of the game…

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