Feeling jammed? Not like this I bet

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Reuters/China Stringer Network

That stuck feeling

Reuters has collected a number of pictures of people and other things that have gotten stuck in strange places. Some days it doesn’t pay to get out of bed for people and animals alike.

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Reuters/China Stringer Network

Watch that first step

Rescue workers try to help a driver out of his car, after the vehicle was stuck over an alley. The car rolled off the edge of a road after the driver was late to brake, according to local media.

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Reuters/China Stringer Network

These pigs would like to fly

Pigs are seen trapped in a partially submerged pigpen.

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Reuters/China Stringer Network

Hair washing gone bad

A man lies on the ground as his head is stuck in a washing machine.

getting stuck in weird places 5
Reuters/China Stringer Network


Firemen rescue a boy whose head is stuck between protective bars outside a window.

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Gonna need a bigger chimney

A woman is shown stuck in a chimney. Police said she tried to sneak into a house through the chimney, got stuck and had to be rescued by fire-fighters, who used dish soap to help extricate the soot-covered intruder, authorities said.

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Reuters/China Stringer Network

Happy ending

A three-year-old boy, stuck in the cylinder of a washing machine, hooks the pinky of a firefighter during a rescue operation. Firefighters successfully rescued the boy, who got stuck while playing inside the washing machine, by tearing apart the machine and cutting the cylinder open, local media reported. The boy did not sustain any injuries, the report added.

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Not rolling

A puppy is shown with his head stuck in the middle of a car tire rim. A local resident brought the wheel and puppy into the fire station. Fire fighters used vegetable oil to free the puppy, which was otherwise unhurt.

getting stuck in weird places 9
Reuters/Omar Sobhani

Bad place to sit

A child stuck in a hole in a wall.

getting stuck in weird places 10
Reuters/Carlf Zhang

Jaws of life

Firefighters use an expanding machine to rescue a dog, which got its head stuck in a fence.

getting stuck in weird places 11
Reuters/Alessandro Bianchi

Gonna need a bigger bridge

Rescuers look at a boat stuck in the arch of Sant'Angelo bridge on the Tiber river in downtown Rome after days of rain and thunderstorms.

getting stuck in weird places 12

Got milk?

A black bear is pictured with its head stuck in a milk can near Thurmont, Maryland. Maryland Department of Natural Resource workers tranquilized the bear before using an electric handsaw to cut the milk can off. The bear recovered consciousness and walked off unharmed.

getting stuck in weird places 13

Not a successful keg stand

A skunk with a beer can stuck on its head. The skunk was found near a college fraternity house and an animal control officer was able to free the skunk without getting sprayed.

getting stuck in weird places 14

That sinking feeling

People look at a loaded truck that got stuck in a sinkhole on a road.

getting stuck in weird places 15
Reuters/China Daily China Daily Information Corp

Another pig rescue

Firefighters pull a pig as they try to rescue it from a well at a pig farm. Seven local firefighters successfully rescued the 300 kg (661 lbs) pig, local media reported.

getting stuck in weird places 16
Reuters/Arko Datta

Should have thought that one over a little better

The fuselage of a Boeing 737 is parked on a road in Mumbai, India. The trailer carrying the fuselage got stuck on the narrow road in Mumbai while being taken to New Delhi.

getting stuck in weird places 17
Reuters/Utpal Baruah

Not a happy kitty

A three-year-old wild leopard is pictured inside a well at the Nilachal hill area of the northeastern Indian city of Guwahati April 4, 2013. The leopard was taken to the Assam state zoological park after it fell into a well in the city.

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