New products of the week 6.6.16

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Arbor Networks and Data Dynamics.

New products of the week

New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.


IntellaFlex HyperEngine Packet Processor

Key features – APCON’s HyperEngine monitoring solution supports up to 200Gbps throughput and provides a set of monitoring services including ultra-fast deduplication and NetFlow at hyperspeed, with additional features coming later in 2016. More info.


Attunity Replicate: Data Replication with Change Data Capture

Key features: Attunity Replicate's high-performance data replication and ingest technology, simplifies and accelerates zero-downtime migrations to Microsoft's SQL Server 2016, reducing time and effort required to manage, monitor and integrate heterogeneous systems. More info.


Arbor Networks Spectrum v2.1

Key features - Arbor Spectrum is an advanced security analytics and threat hunting platform. It empowers security teams to uncover, investigate and prove sophisticated attack campaigns within minutes, not hours or days. More info.

data dynamics

StorageX 7.8

Key features: StorageX 7.8 includes enhanced migration capabilities as well as new data protection features that enable the agile discovery, analysis, optimization and management of large data assets across the information lifecycle. More info.

builtio Contentstack

Key features: Contentstack is enhanced with features for greater content control. These updates include a default URL pattern, time-saving value entries and improved data column overviews. More info.


Fidelis Network 8.2

Key features: can detect the tools and tactics of advanced attackers including advanced malware, exploits and command and control activity that typically bypass traditional network security systems. Identify attacker behavior including lateral movement and the staging of data for exfiltration. More info.


Demisto Enterprise

Key features: Demisto combines the industry’s first intelligent security bot for automating playbooks and response tasks and detecting duplicate incidents, with the industry’s first security ChatOps-based platform for ticketing, collaboration and reporting. More info.


ForeScout CounterACT

Key features: ForeScout CounterACT’s new capabilities enable enterprises to see, classify and control Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices to help secure these network entry points that are increasingly used for IoT. More info.

full circle

Campaign Attribution

Key features: Full Circle Campaign Attribution is a marketing analytics solution that provides data-driven marketers with the intelligence to make marketing spend decisions with confidence by measuring their campaigns’ performance and impact on revenue, all inside Salesforce. More info.


Kaltura Video Platform as a Service (VPaaS)

Pricing:  VPaaS is based on a pay-as-you-go accounts, billed monthly according to itemized usage for annual volume commits. E.g Bandwidth for GB Outbound Video Traffic is $0.10/GB, Storage - GB Content Stored (monthly peak) is $0.20/GB and such.   

Key features: Kaltura Video Platform as a Service (VPaaS) is the world’s first specialized cloud video service, enabling organizations to build and rapidly deploy any video application, workflow and experience. More info.


Dragon Anywhere Group

Key features: Nuance Dragon Anywhere Group is a professional-grade mobile dictation solution for the enterprise that enables secure cloud-based document and report creation via real-time voice recognition for the mobile workforce. More info.


Kramer Network

Key Features: a new way to manage, control, configure, monitor, and communicate with any piece of AV equipment. Kramer Network provides IT managers with a single web-based interface which allows them to operate and maintain all Pro AV and AV over IP solutions from anywhere in the world, and from any device. The three basic components of Kramer Network that set it apart from other management platforms are the combined power of a Virtual Matrix, Enterprise Management, and Complete and Easy Control. More info.

mellanox 2

BlueField Multicore System on a Chip

Key features: The BlueField family of System-on-Chip (SoC) programmable processors incorporates Mellanox ConnectX network acceleration offload technology with an array of high-performance 64-bit ARMv8 CPU cores that leverages coherent mesh interconnect technology. More info.

pc pitstop

Broadband Quality Tool

Key features: Easily schedule bandwidth tests overtime to better track issues related to consistency of Internet service received from your service provider. Tool tests ping time and upload/download bandwidth speeds. More info.


Rancher 1.0

Key features: Rancher is an open-source platform for deploying and managing containers, across any public or private cloud, virtualization cluster or bare-metal server. Rancher provides a single management experience spanning Kubernetes, Docker Swarm and now Mesos. More info.


DatAnywhere 3.0

Key features: DatAnywhere cloud-enables on-premise file sharing on any device without changes to the existing infrastructure. New features to DatAnywhere include enhanced auditing and support for third-party MDM solutions like Airwatch. More info.


SS8 BreachDetect

Pricing: starts at $1,200 per-month for 100Mbps of average monthly throughput analyzed, and $400 for each month of history stored.

Key features: A time machine for breach detection that generates High-Definition Records (HDR) from communications flows, which are analyzed in real-time against past, current and future network activity to find unidentified breaches. More info.


High Amp, OOB Remote Reboot and Power Control

Key features: Out-of-band access to reboot and power control functions at remote network sites. Also features current metering and alarm capabilities, plus activity log and enterprise management solution. 30 Amps, 240V AC. More info.


YSoft SafeQ

Key features: YSoft SafeQ print management solution enhances efficiencies and security while reducing cost. Its dedicated print server, accessory touch-screen displays and USB card reader extend investment in an existing printer fleet. More info.


Azara Cloud

Pricing: 1 year subscription per AP: $125; 3 year subscription per AP: $275; 5 year subscription per AP: $395

Key features: Azara Cloud WiFi combines the performance and reliability of Zebra’s enterprise-grade access points with the simplicity and flexibility of managing WLAN infrastructure from the cloud. More info.


Bizagi 11 – The Digital Business Platform

Key features: Bizagi’s Digital Business Platform orchestrates processes, data streams and devices across all employee and customer touchpoints. Bizagi 11 enables digital transformation through features focused on ensuring operational processes are agile, personalized to the user and connected enterprise-wide. More info.

060716 lenovo

Lenovo DX8200C powered by Cloudian

Key features: The Lenovo Storage DX8200C powered by Cloudian appliance is an easy to deploy and infinitely scalable software-defined object storage appliance, with 100% S3 compatibility at 1 cent/gig/month. More info.

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