New products of the week 6.13.16

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Intel and Webscale.

New products of the week

New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.


AppFolio Property Manager

Key features: offers enhanced functionality for mobile devices and is designed for the modern manager, enabling full access to the same features available through AppFolio’s cloud-based property management software. More info.



Key features: Barkly’s behavior-based endpoint security uses a patent-pending approach to stop new and sophisticated attacks by recognizing malicious
behaviors without sacrificing performance or productivity. More info.


ZumLink Z9-PE

Key features: ZumLink provides high-performance wireless IoT communications through flexible radio designs that support link rates of up to 4Mbps in 900MHz unlicensed frequency band, plus the ability to support third-party applications. More info.

databricks 2


Key features​: Databricks Enterprise Security (DBES) is an end-to-end security framework within the Databricks just-in-time data platform, combining encryption, integrated identity management, role-based access control, data governance, and compliance standards to secure Apache Spark workloads holistically for the enterprise. More info.


Intel Unite

Key features - Intel Unite transforms conference rooms into more productive, connected meeting spaces. New features add locked meetings, secure guest access, iPad integration, 1080p video/audio support, and creating meeting invites. More info.


Infocyte HUNT

Key features: Infocyte HUNT (for Windows and now Linux) identifies active and dormant malware, via agentless automated endpoint hunting, that is missed by current security monitoring approaches. Infocyte HUNT reduces the breach detection gap and strengthens defense-in-depth strategies. More info.


Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security

Key features: Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security is a specialized solution for businesses designed to protect Point-of-Sale (PoS) payment systems and point of service machines, such as ATMs, from the latest cyber threats. More info.


MapR Platform including Apache Spark

Key features: This distribution includes the complete Spark stack, related open source projects, and a high performance, scalable, and reliable platform. Advanced analytics capabilities include machine learning, event streaming, SQL, and graphs. More info.


Office365 Manager Plus

Key features: a Web-based reporting solution provides insights on all components of Office 365, including monitoring mailbox usage, identifying security issues, analyzing license usage, and much more without the need for PowerShell scripting. More info.


NetApp SolidFire Element OS 9 (Fluorine)

Key features: Featuring VVol integration, Fluorine delivers market-leading performance control per VM and the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise feature set for consolidating multiple, mixed workloads onto an agile, secure and automated infrastructure. More info.



Key features: These significant new updates are designed to make it easy for engineering and operations teams to create high-quality, real-time alerts with new Host Navigator, Outlier Detection and Built-in Detectors. More info.


SIOS iQ version 3.7 and 3.8

Key features:New SIOS iQ release addsSQL Sentry integration, powerful information visualization, and performance forecasting to Machine Learning analytics software. More info.


Network Performance Monitor

Key features: With the release of SolarWinds NPM 12, the company’s flagship product now features NetPath and Network Insight. These two new capabilities give network administrators the hybrid IT visual insights and analysis needed for visibility into the performance of services across not only the networks they own—but those of their service providers and cloud vendors as well. More info.



Key features: It offers three multi-factor authentication options (Push notifications, TOTP, Email), Transaction authorization and User's personal encryption keys. Works on all platforms. Allows remote logout (lost PC) and device deactivation (lost phone). More info.



Key features: NSFOCUS Cloud provides customers with easy access to advanced security services and offers comprehensive, end-to-end protection from a single source when used in combination with NSFOCUS’ on-premises equipment. More info.


Outlier 2.12

Key features: Outlier 2.12 is the first agentless Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) security solution to provide expanded, on-demand digital artifacts and file collection for faster detection and incident response. More info.


Swirlds Hashgraph Distributed Consensus Platform

Key features: The Swirlds hashgraph goes beyond blockchain to enforce fairness, provide low latency and low cost, and enable high throughput and high security (without requiring proof-of-work) for trusted, distributed applications that are not controlled by any single organization for uses such as distributed identity directories, online auctions, stock markets, cryptocurrencies, and multiplayer games. More info.


Webscale Multi-Cloud Disaster Recovery

Key features: Webscale Multi-Cloud DR offers complete backend disaster recovery services across cloud providers and regions, enabling automatic failover to alternate locations with minimum downtime and data loss. More info.


WSO2 API Manager 2.0

Key features: New release offers analytics for API usage and performance; a Decision Manager to enforce throttling policies in real-time; API lifecycle visualization, and automatic generation of client SDKs. More info.


24-Port, DC Console Server for GigE Networks

Key features: DC powered console server with 24 RJ45 serial ports, USB mini SetUp port and 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet Port for fast, secure, reliable OOB access to console ports on remote network devices. More info.

jabra 2

Jabra Halo Smart Wireless

Key features: Jabra Halo Smart Wireless, is perfect for on-the-go professionals who want to seamlessly manage calls, music and media using one device, but require optimal voice and call-quality, above all. More info.

a iland

iland Secure Private Cloud

Key features: iland Secure Private Cloud integrates advanced security features, such as deep-packet inspection, antivirus/anti-malware, vulnerability scanning and integrity monitoring. Its management console includes sophisticated alerting and on-demand reporting, combating threats and easing compliance. More info.

a netscout

NETSCOUT AirCheck G2 Wireless Tester

Key features: The AirCheck G2 includes important new enhancements, such as troubleshooting and diagnosing WiFi networks using the 802.11ac standard, access. More info.

a tenable

SecurityCenter Continuous View

Key features: Tenable Network Security unveiled a new Security Assurance solution that helps organizations measure security program effectiveness to gain board-level buy-in and optimize defenses to improve overall security. More info.

a secureauth

SecureAuth Threat Service

Key features: SecureAuth Threat Service provides a real-time shield on the risks targeting customer resources from across the globe, leveraging threat information from a network of 11 million advanced threat sensors. More info.

a exabeam

Exabeam Analytics for Ransomware

Key features: Analytics for Ransomware provides significant early detection of ransomware across the corporate network, in the absence of third party security controls, and detects ransomware activity in the network, servers, workstations, BYOD, and cloud services. More info.

a plantronics

EncorePro 500/700 Digital Series and EncorePro 500/700 USB Series

Key Features: Two series of headsets for intensive phone users, including customer service center workers, that pair with a management software service allowing IT to remotely monitor, manage, and maintain headsets company-wide. More info.

FormationOne Dynamic Storage Platform

FormationOne Dynamic Storage Platform

Key features: FormationOne is a high-performance software-defined storage platform delivering QoS, dynamic tiering, de-duplication continuous data protection, supporting block, file and object data. VSR recaptures unused storage in VM environments. More info.


Mendix 7

Key features: Mendix 7 is a major release of the Mendix Platform that enables rapid development of next-generation Smart Apps. Leveraging the Mendix open platform ecosystem, Mendix 7 provides drag-and-drop connectors to best-in-class IoT, big data and machine learning platforms and services. More info.


Tesora Database as a Service Platform Enterprise Edition 1.8

Key features: Now supports Couchbase Enterprise Edition and EDB Postgres Enterprise bringing the total number of databases supported to 15, plus supports monitoring agents and clustering for MariaDB. More info.


IDE with Programmer Studio

Price: For Agilio CX 2x10GbE Intelligent Server Adapters: $444 for the adapter and $249 for 1 year of software support and upgrades ($693 total). For Agilio CX 1x40GbE Intelligent Server Adapters: $555 for the adapter and $249 for 1 year of software support and upgrades ($804 total)

Key features: This IDE delivers the speed of software-based innovation to hardware, enabling the rapid development and deployment of high-performance, server-based networking applications such as network virtualization, security, load balancing and network analytics. More info.


Silk 17

Key features - The updated Silk 17 portfolio now includes a Silk Mobile Testing solution, delivering a more direct route to realize the benefits of the transformation to digital business. More info.


Symantec Anomaly Detection for Automotive

Key features: protects against zero-day attacks and never-before-seen issues facing modern connected vehicles. The solution uses machine learning to provide passive in-vehicle security analytics that monitor all Controller Area Network (CAN) bus traffic without disrupting vehicle operations, learn what normal behavior is and flag anomalous activity that may indicate an attack. The solution works with virtually any automotive make and model. More info.

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