Tech CEOs rake in the big bucks

highest paid tech ceos intro

Among 61 tech companies, Oracle awarded the biggest CEO pay package last year – twice.

There are two new players at the top of our pay tally, and they both work at the same company. Oracle's co-chief executives Mark Hurd and Safra Catz each netted compensation valued at $53.2 million last year.

In the middle of the pack of 62 tech CEOs, median pay was $10.6 million, down from $11.5 million in our .

At the low end, two tech CEOs opted for token cash and no new equity grants: Alphabet CEO Larry Page earned just $1 in cash, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey received only $68,506 in perks such as personal car service and residential security.

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts received both the highest salary ($2.9 million) and the largest cash bonus pay ($9.8 million).

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