Hello, world: Welcome to the agile data center

What defines an agile data center? Why should you care?

Welcome to the agile data center

Some of the best technology in the world has begun with a simple "Hello World." I wanted to do the same and introduce myself, along with this new blog entitled "The Agile Data Center." With this blog, I will focus on some of the latest technologies around modernizing data center software and hardware, as well as aligning skill sets and introducing new roles in the IT space. 

So, what defines an agile data center and why should you care? Growing up in the technology space, I've worked for companies such as VERITAS, Symantec, SAP and EMC. During that time, and especially now, I can see and realize that most companies have not aligned business and IT. While this has "worked" for a number of years, companies are now becoming quickly disrupted by startups that have successfully aligned IT and can keep up with the rapid pace of business.

With this blog, I will hone in on ways to better align IT and business while enabling an agile data center. There will be a heavy focus on converged and hyper-converged infrastructure, with a healthy dose of cloud, open source, DevOps and new tech. My other goal of this blog is to be very interactive with the community, so make sure you comment to agree/disagree or to propose something else after each post. The IT community is strong and full of opinion; I'd love to hear yours. 

I'll make this post quick and save room for the rest. And now officially: Welcome to The Agile Data Center!

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