‘Trojan horse’ stalks security conference

062216blog trojan horse
REUTERS/Amir Cohen

The creation pictured above, dubbed “Cyber Horse,” greets attendees of the ongoing Cyber Week 2016 conference being held at Tel Aviv University. This short video shows a time-lapse of the final assemblage with a narration devoted to a history lesson.

And here’s another close-up video taken by a conference attendee:

“Cyber Horse” was conceived and built by No, No, No, No, No, Yes, an agency based in New York City. Gideon Amichay, founder and chief creative officer, explains in a blog post.

The Cyber Horse is a piece of work created with thousands of infected computer and cell phone components. It illustrates the increasing use of malware in making cyberspace a hostile environment. Like in the legendary story of Troy, the Cyber Horse stands at the front gates of the Tel-Aviv cyber conference auditorium. Like its namesake, it conceals bad news and is waiting for the doors to open.

OK, we get it. Cool stunt.

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