‘How to get an A/C budget approved’

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According to one IT professional posting on Reddit’s section for systems administrators, the best way to get an air-conditioning budget approved is to turn up the heat – literally -- on the right company executives. He writes:  

After adding a second rack to our server room the portable A/C unit just couldn't hack it anymore. Ambient temperatures were regularly spiking above 30C (86F). I had to come in on weekends to open doors, move fans, etc.

Since this is just the beginning of summer I know it's only going to get worse. We need a commercial A/C unit. The portable A/C we have exhausts above the drop ceiling, which just creates a blanket of hot air and compounds the issue.

I made as much headway as I could budgeting and planning for a new A/C unit, and everyone around me sounded on board but there was precisely zero hustle involved. Then it occurred to me that if I vented that hot blanket of air out of the ceiling it might help. Where better to pipe all that hot air than into the conference room?

After turning the company conference room into a sauna, things started to happen rather quickly and we installed a brand new AC unit. My servers are a lot happier now.

The post received more than 1,000 up votes – Reddit’s measure of approval – and 200 comments, the highest rated of which says simply: “This makes me so very happy to read.”

After reading the tale – and realizing it would be worth sharing here – it occurred to me that its presence on the public internet might also run the risk of getting the fellow in some trouble. He even included a couple of pictures on Reddit. Fear not, however, as an additional comment from the man explains.

"Venting heat into the conference room was both useful in dispersing heat and in reminding the entire management team we have a serious problem. The vast majority had a good laugh over the situation, even if it did make meetings uncomfortable (and short)."

Clearly that vast majority included anyone who might be responsible for the man’s continued employment.

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