Amazon CTO says cloud can help crashing Pokemon Go

Werner Vogels Tweeted to virtual game's makers

As Pokemon Go continues to be a viral craze, the makers of the game have dealt with the service going down – presumably from peak loads on the game.

Amazon CTO Werner Vogels has offered a solution: The cloud.

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In a post on Twitter from over the weekend, Vogels implied that the game’s makers could use Amazon Web Services' public IaaS cloud to help alleviate intermittent service issues. "Dear cool folks at @NianticLabs please let us know if there is anything we can do to help!" Vogels Tweeted.  

Media reports show that the game had service disruptions around the world over the weekend. IaaS cloud computing platforms like AWS are ideal for viral workloads that have spikes in traffic. The public cloud can be configured to automatically scale up its servers across however many virtual machines are needed, and then scale them back down when demand inevitably drops.

The service issues seem to have subsided by this week. But Vogels and AWS are at the ready if extra capacity is needed.

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