UNH SDN consortium promises interoperability testing, benchmarking

University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory already has an extensive SDN switch testbed based on OpenFlow, NetConf, RestConf and others


Looking to help business customers ensure their Software Defined Networking products and applications work and perform properly, the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) this week said it would form consortium to perform controller and switch interoperability, conformance and benchmark testing.

The Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Consortium expects to open for business August 1 and the 28,000 square foot lab will be working with Spirent Communications and Ixia to develop performance tests said Timothy Winters, UNH-IOL Senior Executive, Software and IP Networking.

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The annual fee for consortium members will be $20,000, and pay-per-test options are available as well. Interoperability testing is available on day 1, whereas conformance and benchmarking will follow the requests of SDN Consortium members. The testbed will support direct and remote access for testing applications and services.

At this stage in market development, stakeholders have a particular need for benchmarking, or assessing a SDN controller’s adherence to industry standards and expectations, the number of connections it can support, and its speed and features.

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Application and controller vendors, network operators, user groups, data centers and others can all benefit from a one-stop, collaborative shop for SDN testing that reduces the risk of applications not working with a particular switch, makes the management and deployment process run more smoothly and accelerates time to market, Winters said.

The UNH-IOL testing group already has an extensive SDN switch testbed based on and number of technologies such as OpenFlow, NetConf and RestConf.

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