Ransomware protection guarantee is offered by SentinelOne

$1,000 per machine hit by ransomware that SentinelOne misses or can’t undo the damage done by it

SentinelOne is offering a to pay customers $1,000 per endpoint for customers’ machines that get infected by ransomware if its products don’t either block or remediate the problem.

The deal is for customers who use the company’s Endpoint Protection Platform in a mandatory configuration running on computers with fully patched operating systems and applications, and that have volume shadow copy service enabled, the Microsoft service that backs up files in use.

Customers must also be quick to respond to alerts about infections by adding threats to a blacklist and to remediate and rollback within an hour.

The $1,000 per machine offer only applies to payment of ransom, not for costs related to the disruptions ransomware causes. SentinelOne also won’t pay if the ransom doesn’t lead to successful recovery of the encrypted data.

The maximum SentinelOne will pay to an individual customer is $1 million.

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