New products of the week 8.1.16

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as IBM and Red Hat.

New products of the week

New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.



Key features –  These new features to kiteworks provide added protection to an enterprise’s various content management systems by scanning all sent and received files to identify any viruses or malware that could lead to a data breach. Whether the files reside in on-premises or cloud-based enterprise content systems, the data within the files can now be scanned with data loss prevention (DLP) and antivirus (AV) capabilities to further safeguard enterprise content. More info.


Appmobi Protection Center

Key features: Appmobi Protection Center is a complete mobile security solution that detects and resolves app-level attacks. Beyond passive monitoring, Protection Center allows IT teams to define actionable rules to protect company data. More info.


Privileged Access Management 16.1

Key features: Privileged Access Management empowers professionals to control, monitor and manage privileged users’ access to critical systems. PAM 16.1 includes new features like 3D Touch and Touch ID support for iOS. More info.


Everbridge Platform

Key features: Everbridge’s Summer 2016 Release features mobility, collaboration, reporting, mapping and workflow automation enhancements to help improve the way that corporations and government agencies communicate accurate and relevant information during incidents. More info.


enSilo Data Protection Platform

Key features: enSilo’s new platform is the industry’s first data protection product that combines a real-time Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) and Endpoint Threat Detection and Response (EDR) into one effective security platform. More info.


Cloudify 3.4

Key features: Expands pure-play cloud orchestration to every major cloud platform—Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Google Compute Platform (GCP), OpenStack and VMware—and to cloud native technologies like Kubernetes and Docker. More info.


FortiGate 60E - Distributed Enterprise Firewall

Key features: Powered by Fortinet’s SOC3 (System on a Chip) FortiGate60E is a compact, distributed enterprise firewall, and the fastest security appliance in its class. More info.


IBM QRadar User Behavior Analytics

Key features – IBM QRadar User Behavior Analytics application targets insider threats by analyzing the usage patterns of insiders, including employees, contractors and partners, to determine if systems have been compromised by cybercriminals. More info.



Key Features: Federation automatically and anonymously shares phishing attack intelligence with enterprises and organizations worldwide, providing information for mitigation, in real-time, of zero-day attacks including ransomware, malware and bots. More info.


Linksys Business Pro Series Wireless-AC, Dual-band MU-MIMO Access Point

Key features: Current Wave 2 access points are designed for large enterprise and cost more than $1,000. The LAPAC2600 is the first Wave 2 access points for the SMB market. Some features:
MU-MIMO technology & Beamforming
Easy to Use with PoE+
Advanced Security Over Wireless

More info.


Kony MobileFabric 7

Key features: Kony MobileFabric 7 features a new model-driven approach to mobile app development, using microservices. It includes object services that make it easier and cheaper to develop, maintain and upgrade mobile apps. More info.


Rainforest Mobile

Key features: Rainforest Mobile provides teams with fast, scalable Android and iOS testing without having to write and maintain automation scripts, providing on-demand mobile QA results in around 30 minutes. More info.

redhat datagrid

JBoss Data Grid 7

Key features: JBoss Data Grid 7 is an in-memory data management platform that can be used as a distributed cache, NoSQL database, or even broker, and introduces new integration with Apache Spark for real-time data analytics, as well as simplified distributing computing operations based on the Java 8 stream API, remote task and script execution, and expanded polyglot support. More info.

redhat eap

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7

Key features: JBoss EAP 7 is an open source Java EE 7 compliant application server that combines widely deployed Java EE 7 APIs with the latest technologies supporting DevOps development practices, as well as Jenkins, Arquillian, Maven, and support for a number of popular Web and JavaScript frameworks. More info.


Nlyte 8

Key features - Nlyte 8 bridges the IT & facility operational gap, providing single portal view to share information that optimizes physical infrastructure and lays the foundation for software defined data centers (SDDC). More info.


Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi

Pricing: Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi is based on a subscription model. One year is $95 per
 access point, two years is $180 per AP and a three year subscription is $285 per AP. The same subscription-based pricing applies no matter which AP model users choose.

Key features: Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi is a WLAN management-as-a-service offer that enables distributed organizations with limited IT resources to set up, monitor and manage a high-performance multi-site WLAN of any size. More info.


SmartFlow Professional 2016

Key features: SmartFlow Professional helps SMB software companies combat unlicensed software usage, identifying unlicensed versions and tracking usage data that can be leveraged to take action against IP theft and copyright infringement. More info.


Dell SonicWALL SonicOS 6.2.6

Key features: SonicOS 6.2.6 supports now available SonicWALL Capture Advanced Threat Protection and new Content Filtering Service to easily enforce policies to control access to inappropriate or unproductive web content. More info.


Cloud-Native Elastic Data Warehouse Service

Pricing: On-demand pay as you go starting at $150/terabyte/month. Capacity purchase starting at $50/terabyte/month.

Key features: New, automation capabilities for the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse dramatically simplify data warehousing administration and data protection for diverse data and SQL analytics in the cloud - features include - multi-cluster warehouse, adaptive query results cache, automatic, continuous data protection and milestoning, adaptive data management and multi-datacenter resiliency. More info.


40-Port GigE Console Server

Key features: Remote, out-of-band console access for up to 40 devices. Features dual 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet ports, dual power inlets, 40 RJ-45 serial ports, environmental monitoring and alarm functions, plus enterprise management software. More info.


TDC100 Series Handheld

Key features: An entry-level GNSS mobile device serving GIS applications, the Android-based TDC100 combines smartphone and ruggedized data collection into a professional, IP-67 ruggedized platform with sunlight readable display and user-replaceable batteries. More info.


Microsoft Azure ZenPack

Key features: The Microsoft Azure ZenPack provides automated discovery, monitoring and event management for Azure instances, along with detailed insight into spending by region and service as well as forecasting of future spend based on current usage and trends. More info.


Symphony V2

Key features: Stratoscale Symphony V2 helps users deploy, manage and scale cloud infrastructure without the complexities. It adds functions to support enterprise-grade private cloud deployments, with capabilities that are only available in web-scale environments. More info.


Niara UEBA for Ransomware Detection

Key features: Niara applies advanced UEBA machine learning models to detect signs of ransomware, whaling and other email-based campaigns before attackers gain access to critical IT assets and cause widespread damage. More info.


Cyber Advanced Warning System (CAWS) Version 2.0

Key features: CAWS 2.0 is an upgrade to NSS Labs’ SaaS platform providing real-time, contextual data on active exploits, the targeted applications, and the effectiveness of security products comprising an organization’s defenses. More info.

thousandeyes 2

ThousandEyes Internet Outage Detection

Pricing: $199 per Enterprise Agent/month for the Standard version and $399 per Enterprise Agent/month for the Pro version.

Key features: ThousandEyes Internet Outage Detection helps networking
teams understand the severity, breadth and root cause of service and application delivery problems by detecting patterns of anomalies in data generated by users. More info.

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