VCE chief boasts of hyperconvergence superpower

President Sakac eager to join forces with Dell; vows to stick with Cisco on converged infrastructure

VCE chief boasts of hyperconvergence superpower

VCE has only been in the hyperconverged appliance market since the February launch of its VxRail family, but President Chad Sakac says the company will soon be the No.1 player in that rapidly growing market. Sakac doesn’t lack for confidence, nor will his company – launched as a joint EMC/Cisco/VMware venture – lack for resources to back up his claims. VCE is now the converged infrastructure division of EMC and, if things go to plan, will soon be part of the merged Dell/EMC. That giant company, Sakac says, will boast a ‘superpower’ that gives it a huge advantage over rivals like Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Not being beholden to Wall Street, it can move customers more quickly to true utility models of IT.

In this interview with IDG Chief Content Officer John Gallant, Sakac discussed the roles converged and hyperconverged systems play in customers’ evolving data centers, and he shared his thoughts on the impact of the nearly finalized Dell/EMC deal. He also explained why Cisco – which sold off its stake in VCE some time ago – will always be a key component in the VCE portfolio.

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