Why (and how) to start planning your HoloLens apps

With Microsoft HoloLens already in the hands of the first developers, it’s time to start planning how your business can use augmented reality.

Augmented reality isn't new. Boeing has been using it since the 1990s to speed up installing the hundreds of miles of writing inside its planes. But those early systems were both clunky and expensive, and, so far, more portable augmented reality wearables like Google Glass haven't taken off. Microsoft's mixed reality HoloLens looks set to change that.

Microsoft announced last week that businesses can buy HoloLens now with the Microsoft HoloLens Commercial Suite. They get the Development Edition hardware as well as enterprise features for security and device management.

It's not too early to plan how your business could use HoloLens, suggests Laurens Frijters, CEO of Dutch consultancy Sparked, which has been working with the first HoloLens units available in Holland. "The next six months is a good time to start exploring, because in every new technology area it's the first few who are successful. Now is a good time to start your research and to look at how you can innovate in your business processes using mixed reality."

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