How a 96-year-old company modernized its infrastructure by embracing innovation

Getting employees to adopt an innovative culture was just one challenge for Pitney Bowes

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For more than 90 years, Pitney Bowes has been helping its customers conduct physical and digital commerce worldwide. In this keynote session at the recent IT Roadmap event in New York, James Fairweather, SVP of Technology and E-commerce, talks about his company’s  investment in a digital infrastructure. This change moved across clouds, APIs, data, mobility and collaboration, as well as how they created a “culture of innovation” with developers and designers.

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James Fairweather, SVP of Technology and E-commerce

“How are our clients choosing to consume our services, and what are they choosing to buy from us?” Fairweather said. “Historically, the purchase was about a product that they would buy from us, and it’s great to their environment. We’ve seen that product start to produce data and information, and increasingly, they’re  more interested in the information and data sets that the product is generating, and how do they get that data wired into their infrastructure. Now we see a shift again to the ultimate product/technology/math algorithms are somewhat irrelevant in the conversation. They want to buy an outcome.” 

In addition to changing its infrastructure, Fairweather also talked about how they changed the culture of the company to embrace innovation and want to learn new things. 

Check out this audio clip to hear the entire keynote session:


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