New products of the week 8.8.16

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as VMware and Spirent.

New products of the week

New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.


Open Threat Exchange (OTX)

Key features: AlienVault OTX is an open threat intelligence community where security practitioners research and share emerging threat data. Members can create private discussion groups related to specific industries, regions and threats. More info.

bluemedora 2

Blue Medora True Visibility Suite for New Relic

Key features: Blue Medora True Visibility Suite extends New Relic across the entire IT stack to identify and resolve application performance issues before they spread. More info.


Canvas 8

Key features: Canvas 8 is a new mobile experience, simplifying how businesses collect, share and learn from the data they use every day through no-code development and significant updates to its iOS app. More info.


CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform

Key features: CTERA has added new data management capabilities that allow enterprise organizations to easily and securely implement multi-cloud file service and data protection strategies. More info.



Key features: The Crucial MX300 enables personal computers to boot up almost instantly, load programs with ease, and accelerate demanding applications. The product is now available in 275GB, 525GB, 750GB and 1TB capacities. More info.


Digium IP Phones

Key features: Digium’s new line of next-generation IP phones, the D65, D62 and D60 models, feature color displays, easy deployment, integrated applications and unique customization options. More info.



Key features: Forcepoint’s TRITON AP-WEB Cloud helps organizations improve connectivity, enforce usage policies and provide roaming employees with secure, reliable access to data when operating on third-party networks or behind national firewalls. More info.

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Microservices iQ

Pricing: A Lite plan is free; paid Pro plans begin at $3,600/unit/year with discounts for long-term contracts.

Key features: Microservices iQ is designed to help enterprises accelerate digital transformation and exceed scale, sophistication and velocity expectations by monitoring and managing microservices. More info.


Particle Cloud

Key features: Particle Cloud provides the necessary infrastructure to connect physical devices to the web and expose their functionality through a secure API, as well as a suite of software development tools and a Device Management Console for managing a "fleet" of connected devices. More info.


Network Monitor Freemium

Key features: A commercial-grade, network monitoring, forensics and traffic analytics solution that delivers realtime visibility into your network. Unstructured search, real-time Deep Packet Analytics, Layer 7 application recognition streamline cybersecurity investigations. More info.


POPin 2.50

Key features - POPin 2.50 features new tools for users to collaborate with internal teams, partners and customers. New features include self-launch; re-POP for recurring sessions; Open Invites for social sharing; Android support. More info.


Dominion KX III IP User Station

Key features -- Raritan’s new IP User Station provides IT professionals secure remote access to servers and devices. It can be located in the same room or miles away from Raritan’s Dominion KX III switches connected to IT equipment. It supports two 1920 x1080 video sessions at 30 FPS, as well as widely used U.S. government security mandates. More info.


MOVEit 2016

Key Features: An overhaul of the Ipswitch MOVEit Managed File Transfer creates new versions and newly named products. For example MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Automation come in standard, professional and premium editions. The idea is to better meet users exact needs and budgets. MOVEit Managed File Transfer in combination with Ipswitch’s new Gateway lets users layer on security. More info.


Spiceworks Cloud Cost Monitor

Key features: Spiceworks Cloud Cost Monitor is a free online tool that connects to Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services to analyze and report on organizations’ IaaS costs and utilized resources. The tools helps IT professionals identify and address any anomalies in their cloud usage before their monthly invoice arrives. More info.


RSA NetWitness Suite

Key features: RSA NetWitness Suite is an advanced threat detection and response solution including threat intelligence, behavioral, and automated analytics capabilities. More info.


Security Intelligence Services

Key features - Security Intelligence Services uses the internet as a detection system to automatically defend against cyber attacks using DNS, WhoIS, newly observed domains and proprietary analytics. More info.



Key features: Cyberflood is a testing solution to validate the security, performance and scalability of app-aware infrastructures. Users test their unique environments by emulating traffic volume, threats, and attack scenarios. More info.


Global IP Namespace

Key features: The Global IP Namespace gives enterprise IT the ability to make instant changes to their network infrastructure to support key business initiatives, with faster time to market. Global IP Namespace enables IT staff to rapidly move endpoints and systems across hybrid networks—with no IP address modifications. More info.


Velostrata 2.0

Key features: Velostrata 2.0 enables companies to quickly and easily move workloads to AWS and Azure in minutes. New capabilities around Smart Migration and dev/test significantly simplify, speed and de-risk cloud migration. More info.


Remote Reboot Solution with ATS

Key features: Low-priced switched PDU provides remote reboot and power control, plus built-in power redundancy solution.  Features dual IEC-C20 inlets, eight switched IEC-C13 outlets, built in ATS plus monitoring and alarm functions. More info.


AirWatch Express

Key features: A simplified mobile device management (MDM) cloud solution, AirWatch Express gets devices up and running quickly, designed for small to midsized businesses the solution makes it easy to configure devices with apps, email, Wi-Fi and more. More info.



Key features: ScoutIQ delivers enterprise-grade, cloud-based malware detection to SMBs. Leveraging telemetry from NG firewall’s deployments worldwide, ScoutIQ delivers detailed threat analysis across traffic types for comprehensive insight, along with subsequent threat management. More info.


Xirrus Positioning System (XPS)

Key features:  Xirrus Positioning System (XPS), a Wi-Fi location service, provides organizations with real-time visibility into the location of Wi-Fi clients both associated and unassociated to the network. XPS provides a faster way for businesses to pinpoint locations on a massive scale, up to 100,000 devices simultaneously, without the need for an expensive centralized engine. More info.