New products of the week 8.15.16

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Kaspersky Lab and Untangle

New products of the week

New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.


24-Port Dual GigE Console Server

Key features: A 24-port, out-of-band console access solution.  Includes dual 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet ports to allow connection to both a primary production network and a secondary maintenance network.  Also features dual power inlets. More info.


Untangle NG Firewall firmware

Key features: Untangle NG Firewall firmware is a router operating system, available to flash onto consumer Wi-Fi models, allowing users to customize router software to optimize security, network traffic visibility and control. More info.

talari aware

Talari Aware 2.2

Key features: Talari Aware, the centralized management system for a Talari SD-WAN and branch simplification solution, has been updated with release 2.2 to support all of the new capabilities being delivered in APN 5.2. More info.

talari apn

Talari Adaptive Private Networking (APN) 5.2

Key features: APN 5.2 broadens the services that Talari’s appliances support by extending the existing SD-WAN, routing and VPN capabilities, to now include a Stateful Firewall, Network Address Translation, DHCP server, enhanced DHCP relay functions, and adaptive bandwidth discovery. More info.


Database Performance Analyzer

Pricing: starts at $1,995 for MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle Standard Edition, and $3,495 for Oracle Enterprise Edition, DB2 and SAP ASE

Key features: SolarWinds DPA now supports MySQL database repositories, enabling SaaS companies  running MySQL- and Linux-only infrastructure whether on-premises or in the cloud to fully leverage the award-winning tool, whereas a Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle repository were required previously.  More info.



Key features: JARVICE enables NVIDIA GPUs for optimal neural network training, allows customers to manage their machine learning process and leverage JARVICE’s turnkey workflows, reducing time to deployment from weeks to hours. More info.



Key features: LANGuardian is a deep-packet inspection software for investigating, monitoring and reporting on user and network activity. V14.1 enhances performance of data acquisition and reporting; new features incl. Periodic Backups and SSL Inventory tool. More info.


Ixia ThreatARMOR

Key features: Ixia’s ThrearARMOR solution adds Zero-Day Malware Immunity (ZDMI), which blocks mutated versions of malware that use sophisticated obfuscation techniques to evade detection by signature-based security engines. More info.


Jama 8

Key features: Jama 8 – a product development solution for companies building complex hardware, software and integrated systems – delivers key enhancements to traceability features and workflows, improved performance, and multiple deployment models. More info.


MicroSaver 2.0 Keyed Laptop Lock

Key features: Only 10 millimeters in diameter, the MicroSaver 2.0 lock provides maximum anti-theft protection for the thinnest laptops and devices, offering tamper-resistance, reliability, and durability. More info.


Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool for Business

Key features: Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool for Business is free software that offers complementary security to SMBs that don’t have specialized solutions to allow them to protect their corporate users from ransomware. More info.


AVX3600 Virtualized Appliance

Key features: The AVX3600 is a hardware appliance purpose-built to host virtual application delivery and security functions. It provides the agility of cloud and virtualization, without sacrificing the performance of dedicated appliances. More info.



Key features: The first cloud-native technology that manages the full lifecycle of cloud infrastructure to enterprise IT standards. Fugue uniquely operates as the foundation layer for cloud-based enterprise application platforms, offering developers the ability to program and operate their entire cloud infrastructure across compute, storage, network, and data services. More info.

builtio Backend 3.0

Key features: The updated Backend allows app developers to tailor their MBaaS. With this industry-first, pluggable architecture, developers can deliver a 100 percent customizable, yet highly robust application services platform. More info.


Absolute Data & Device Security (DDS)

Key features: Use Absolute Data & Device Security (DDS) to generate a list of devices with cloud storage applications and identify suspicious user activity. Discover at-risk data synced with these cloud storage applications and alleviate potential data breaches. More info.


Percona Memory Engine for MongoDB

Key featurers: Optimized for demanding workloads, Percona Memory Engine for MongoDB, the first 100 percent open source in-memory storage engine to work with a MongoDB variant, delivers extremely high performance and reduced costs for a variety of use cases. More info.


Midokura Enterprise MidoNet

Key features: The latest release of MEM, an enterprise-grade network virtualization
 solution designed for IaaS clouds, features connectivity between multi-site OpenStack clouds, and support for container orchestration engines including Kubernetes and Docker Swarm. More info.


Blue Coat Security Analytics

Key features: Blue Coat Security Analytics is a network security incident response and forensics solution that allows customers to quickly detect breaches, integrate context, reconstruct incidents and extract evidence from a complete record of all network traffic. More info.


ThousandEyes Endpoint Agent

Pricing: Endpoint Agents Preview is included with purchase
 of Cloud and/or Enterprise Agents: $149 per Enterprise Agent/month for the Standard version and $399 per Enterprise Agent/month for the Pro version. Cloud Agents are priced by usage, including the type of test, number of tests and number of agents. Endpoint Agents will be priced at $9 per agent per month after the Preview period.

Key features: Endpoint Agent gives organizations the most complete visibility into end-user experience and connectivity, whether using internal or cloud applications, and the aggregate health of their local and wide area networks. More info.


Cloudian HyperStore Hybrid Storage Service

Key features: It's an Amazon S3-compliant cloud platform with the option to store data both on-premises and in the AWS cloud. Customers enjoy pay-as-you-go with metered use and billing via monthly AWS invoices. More info.



Key features: Nimble’s AF1000 is a full-featured all-flash array that offers superior scalability at a significantly lower entry point for all flash, allowing enterprises to scale out as necessary. More info.

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