VMworld 2016

Hot products from VMWorld 2016

Check out products from VMware and its partners announced this week.

vmware 2016 intro

Moving to Vegas

VMware has moved its domestic VMWorld conference to Las Vegas – and what better place than under the bright lights of the strip to talk about the latest in virtualization, SDN, containers, hyperconverged infrastructure and mobile management. Check out our compilation of the hottest new products and services being announced and displayed at VMWorld 2016. 

STORIES FROM THE SHOW: VMware ‘Cloud Foundation’ integrates virtual compute, network and storage systems

083016 8am vmware workstation

Workstation 12.5 Player, Workstation 12.5 Pro

Key features: Workstation 12.5 Player and Workstation 12.5 Pro will include a free upgrade for all current users adding support for Windows 10 Anniversary edition, Windows 10 Server 2016 and macOS, enabling solutions to provide a safe testing environment.More Info.

vmware fusion

Fusion 8.5, Fusion 8.5 Pro

Key features: Fusion 8.5 and Fusion 8.5 Pro will include a free upgrade for all current users adding support for Windows 10 Anniversary edition, Windows 10 Server 2016 and macOS, enabling solutions to provide a safe testing environment.More Info.

vmware horizon

VMware Horizon

Key features: VMware Horizon will include new plug-and-play solutions, enhanced performance with BLAST Extreme, and cross-cloud services to drive down cost and complexity.More Info.

082916 8am vmware vcloud

VMware vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager

Key features: VMware Hybrid Cloud Manager enables bi-directional, zero-downtime application migration over a WAN-optimized connection between vSphere and vCloud Air, while also supporting extending networks from on-prem to vCloud Air. More info.


Datrium DVX Performance Density

Key features: Datrium has doubled per-server flash Performance Density to 100 terabytes. When combined with built-in host-isolation, the Datrium DVX delivers predictable latency and sets a new bar for mixed-use VM clouds. More info.


Unity EdgeConnect

Key features: Silver Peak EdgeConnect provides a comprehensive SD-WAN that connects users to applications via secure virtual overlays utilizing any combination of underlying transport, delivering total WAN performance, advanced security and granular visibility and control. More info.



Key features: Embotics vCommander, the fastest and easiest way for IT organizations and service providers to automate provisioning across private/public/hybrid cloud infrastructures. More info.


HP t630 Thin Client

Key features - The  HP t630 Thin Client and the industry’s first zero client support for VMware Blast Extreme together provide powerful and secure virtual solutions to manipulate rich content in the cloud. More info.



Key features: InfiniBox is optimized for VMware with bundled vCenter plug-ins, VAAI support, scalability to 10K+ VMs in a single 42U rack, simplified provisioning and management and a 10X reduction in costs. More info.



Key features: SIOS iQ is an advanced machine learning IT analytics tool used to optimize application environments in VMware for performance and efficiency. More info.

solarwinds netpath

Network Performance Monitor

Key features: NetPath and Network Insight are the only features to provide visual analysis into network administrators’ hybrid IT environments, needed for visibility into their owned networks and their cloud service providers’. More info.


SmartUX Platform

Key features:PowWow Mobile’s SmartUX platform transforms web and Windows multi-app workflows into powerful, native mobile apps. New and exclusive to the platform is native Universal Windows Platform support for Windows 10. More info.



Key features: The Primary Data DataSphere platform is the first enterprise data orchestration software platform to automate IT data management and storage services. DataSphere virtualizes data to deliver smart data mobility across storage systems and protocols. More info.


3CX Version 15

Key features:3CX V15 is a software-based complete Unified Communications system which can be virtualized on VMWare, with zero admin, bulletproof security, integrated video conferencing,  integration of CRM applications, and softphone and smartphone clients. More info.


Trend Micro Deep Security

Pricing: Enterprise software package is priced along a consumption dimension; bill is determined by the number of hosts used per hour, as follows:

  • Micro, Small or Medium EC2 instance types: $0.010 / host / hour
  • Large EC2 instance types: $0.030 / host / hour
  • Xlarge or larger EC2 instance types: $0.060 / host / hour
  • Cloud - 1 Core: $0.010 / host / hour
  • Cloud - 2 Cores: $0.030 / host / hour
  • Cloud - 4+ Cores: $0.060 / host / hour
  • Data Center: $0.060 / host / hour

Key features: Trend Micro Deep Security secures physical, virtual, cloud hybrid environments. It protects enterprises from ransomware, breaches and disruptions, simplifies security operations and accelerates regulatory compliance. More info.


Coho DataStream 2.8

Key features: Coho DataStream 2.8 release has core components of a SDDC in a single platform, also addressing future needs of consolidation, rapid growth of data and operational simplicity. More info.


IGEL Universal Desktop 9 (UD9) Series Thin Clients

Key features:  All VMware Ready IGEL UD9 series thin client solutions come standard with the VMware Horizon Client, and during VMworld USA 2016, IGEL announced support for the VMware Blast Extreme Protocol. More info.


OneBlox 5210

Key features: The All-Flash OneBlox 5210 is a scale-out storage solution that achieves 50,000 IOPS within a single OneBlox and scales to above 1.4 PB per cluster, all at less than $0.25/GB. More info.



Key features: The first unified storage solution with secure enterprise file sync and share, UNITY offers VMware professionals superior business productivity and data mobility, in a single platform, for a single price. More info.


PRTG Network Monitor

Key features: PRTG Network Monitor is a unified network monitoring solution that delivers detailed analysis and insight into all aspects of IT infrastructure, physical and virtual. More info.


Cohesity DataPlatform and DataProtect with VMware Virtual SAN and vRealize Automation

Key features: Cohesity DataPlatform and DataProtect with VMware Virtual SAN and vRealize Automation offers end-to-end policy-based automation from server and storage provisioning through data protection and archive. More info.

cloud physics

Cost Comparison for Public and Private Clouds

Key features: The Cost Comparison for Public and Private Cloud allows organization to examine VM workloads and accurately estimate and compare private cloud and public cloud costs. More info.



Key features: Densify.com is SaaS-based analytics that optimizes workload placements and resource allocations to drive cost savings in hybrid cloud. New at VMworld is Expert Insight, offering strategic guidance from expert analysts. More info.


GuardiCore Centra Security Platform

Key features: The GuardiCore Centra Security Platform provides real-time breach detection and response that includes data center visualization, micro segmentation policy monitoring and threat deception to quickly detect and respond to advanced threats inside software-defined data centers. More info.

zadara 2

Zadara Storage Cloud with Elastic Flash Cache

Key features: Up to 3.2TB flash cache provides the best of both worlds: SSD speeds at magnetic prices thanks to capacity-optimized drives for huge amounts of data, and flash for blazing performance. More info.


Micron(r) Accelerated VMware Virtual SAN(tm) Ready Node With Hardware-Based TCG-E

Key features: Micron and SuperMicro have collaborated with VMWare to bring the first hardware encrypted all-flash Accelerated VMware Virtual SAN Ready Nodes (AF-4, AF-6 and AF-8) with Micron's Trusted Computing Group Enterprise (TCG-E) (AES256) SSDs for data-at-rest security. More info.


Veeam Availability Suite 9.5

Key features: Helps enterprises enhance security and reduce complexity through integration with Microsoft’s 2016 releases of Windows Server, Hyper-V and enterprise applications. Approximately 100 new features. More info.


Catalogic ECX

Key features: Catalogic ECX is adding support for Pure Storage snapshots and replication, following its recent update to support Oracle and SQL Server environments. Existing support includes NetApp, IBM, EMC storage. More info.


Rubrik Cloud Data Management

Key features: Scale-out, all-in-one software fabric for backup/recovery, DR, analytics, search, copy data management for virtual environments. The Firefly release supports physical and edge workloads, and spans more public clouds. More info.


SimpliVity All-Flash Solutions for Cisco UCS and Lenovo System X

Pricing: $79,000 for OmniStack Large Enterprise; $131,000 for OmniCube CN-5400-F

Key features: Powered by SimpliVity’s technologically-superior Data Virtualization Platform, the new all-flash solution provides peak and predictable performance for the most data-intensive applications, unprecedented data protection and enhanced VDI capabilities. More info.


vSTAC SLX 50, 100, 200

Key features: vSTAC SLX combines hyperconverged appliances with a multi-tier flash array and Dynamic QoS, all managed from VMware vCenter for ultimate flexibility supporting multiple, virtualized application workloads including mission critical. More info.


ExtraHop Platform with VMware vRealize Suite Integration

Key features:  Automatically discovers and classifies all VMware switches and devices; analyzes wire and machine data within the VMware console; keeps physical and virtual environments reliable with intelligent automation alerts and triggers. More info.


NooBaa Community Edition

Key features: NooBaa is developing a software-defined-storage (SDS) solution for unstructured data applications with unprecedented agility and the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). More info.


NGINX Plus with ModSecurity WAF

Key features: NGINX Plus with ModSecurity WAF helps secure mission-critical applications. The WAF offers rich features including Layer 7 application protection, DDoS mitigation, real-time blacklists, data protection, and audit logging. More info.


Nimble AF-Series All Flash Arrays

Key features: Nimble’s Predictive Flash Platform delivers the industry’s only All-Flash Arrays with Predictive Analytics, fully integrating with VMware vSphere, adding value to core features including Virtual Volumes, VAAI, SRM and more. More info.


Eaton Intelligent Power Manager

Key features: Intelligent Power Manager’s latest integration with VMware enables a common user experience within VMware vRealize Operations to view and manage power and equipment, such as uninterruptible power systems (UPSs) and power distribution units (PDUs), reducing time and saving money by providing end users with rich analytics for power capacity planning and workload placement. More info.


RES ONE Security

Key features: RES ONE Security protects against threats and enables secure management of VMware workspaces using policy controls and automation. RES takes a people-centric approach to endpoint security, governance, identity and access. More info.


AppSense Endpoint Security Suite 2.0

Key features: AppSense Endpoint Security Suite 2.0 mitigates malware and ransomware attacks. More info.  


Barracuda Backup version 6.3

Key features – Barracuda Backup version 6.3 provides customers with the speed and performance to protect their data with a single solution regardless of whether data resides in physical, virtual or SaaS environments. More info.


SolidFire vCenter Plug-In 2.7

Key features: The new NetApp SolidFire vCenter Plug-in 2.7 provides easier installation, simplified configuration and additional functionality in VCP and improved automated provisioning for VMware environments. More info.


Druva Phoenix

Key features: Druva Phoenix unifies backup, disaster recovery and archival in the cloud, removing the burden of legacy, significantly lowering TCO and creating a single platform supporting multiple, often disparate data protection capabilities. More info.



Key features: A powerfully flexible on premise rack-scale architecture that takes the guesswork out of building large-scale applications. More info.


Platform9 Managed OpenStack & Platform9 Managed Kubernetes

Key features: Easily deploy, manage and scale OpenStack or Kubernetes on any server infrastructure, anywhere.VMware-like High Availability capability for users wanting to run production workloads on OpenStack. More info.



Key features: Gigamon introduces automated traffic visibility for the software-defined data center integration with VMware NSX and NetX APIs for micro-segmented virtual networks. Gigamon also achieves ‘VMware Ready Networking and Security’ certification. More info.

a actifio

Actifio StreamSnap

Key features: StreamSnap is a replication feature designed to improve resiliency by dramatically extending the range of supported Recovery Point Objectives, accelerating development of higher quality applications and protecting customers against loss. More info.


ControlUp Insights

Pricing: At the low end of sessions – say 100, it would cost $2,500 for the entry bundle (which includes Insights) ControlUp PRO. For the next level, ControlUp Enterprise, it is $3,200 and for the top end, ControlUp Platinum, it is $3,500. These ranges then scale up for these packages, depending on how many sessions are being monitored. At the highest end, 5,000 sessions, it would be $25,500, $36,000 and $45,000 respectively.

Key features: It is a SaaS offering that provides collective analytics, interactive historical reports and control of hybrid cloud applications. It enables IT administrators to compare their IT operations for their own baselines and  to compare to their peers. More info.


IntelliFlash Cloud Platform

Key features: A rack scale all-flash platform designed for Fortune 1000 companies looking to achieve both the cost benefits of cloud architectures and the reliability, control of on-premises storage solutions. More info.

hitachi 2

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform HC V240F (UCP HC)

Key features: Hitachi’s next-generation hyperconverged platform provides linear scale-out, lower-cost, easy to manage tightly integrated compute, storage and virtualization for traditional and cloud-native applications.


Instant On (ION) 3000v

Key features: The ION 3000v is an SD-WAN platform for virtualizing the remote office. The ION application-defined fabric allows enterprises to deploy applications anywhere based on App-SLA, enforcing security, performance and compliance requirements. More info.

083016 8am nexanta

NexentaStor 5.0 and NexentaFusion 1.0

Key features: NexentaFusion offers simplified storage management/analytics. NexentaStor 5.0 provides All-Flash RAs and new kernel-based HPR solution with asynchronous replication for applications that require close-to-zero RPO without performance degradation. VMware integration includes a redesigned multi-tenant vCenter Plug-in and VVOL support. More info.

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