Are InfoSec vendors ‘sowing confusion’ and selling ‘useless’ products?

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What more can be done?

There is hope though that more can be done on both sides to improve security maturity.

Mimran added: “The market should go through some consolidation to ramp up the solutions and the vendors should work much more closely with customers toward tailoring solutions which eventually once they fill the gap can turn into products.”

Singh says: “I think the good vendors will invest in educating the customer, or potential customer, on what limits of particular tech set, not necessary their products.”

Kleczynski added: “The bottom line is that the cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving and we all need to work together, share ideas, and try to stay one step ahead of criminals.

“Collaboration, research and coordinating with government agencies are all great steps towards making not just the web, but the world a safer place. There have certainly been instances where we’ve approached a company to collaborate and because of our “competitive” nature, we were turned down. Differences must be set aside.”


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