New products of the week 8.29.16

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as HPE and Sumo Logic.

New products of the week

New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.


ASG-Mobius 6.0

Key features: ASG-Mobius 6.0 is a purpose-built content management system with proven scalability supporting platform, device and data independence. New AWS support enables cloud based solutions, on premise or hybrid implementations. More info.


Risk Fabric 5.0

Key features: Delivers the most critical threat/vulnerability information, based on the value of assets at risk, to stakeholders responsible for mitigation – security executives, incident responders, line-of-business leaders and boards of directors. More info.


Datera Universal Data Fabric Integration with Kubernetes

Pricing: Appliance only pricing: Transacts on an average @ ~$0.75/GB (raw on the street); Software only perpetual license transacts @ ~$0.40/GB.

Key features: Datera Universal Data Fabric integration with Kubernetes allows enterprise and service provider clouds to seamlessly and cost-effectively scale applications of any kind. More info.


Caringo SwarmNFS

Key Features: the first lightweight file protocol converter to bring the benefits of scale-out object storage—including built-in data protection, high-availability, and powerful metadata—to NFSv4. SwarmNFS is a stateless Linux process that integrates directly with Caringo Swarm—allowing mount points to be accessed across campus, across country or across the world. More info.


Halo Protect, Halo Segment, Halo Detect

Key features:  CloudPassage Halo is now comprised of three packages--Halo Protect, Halo Segment and Halo Detect--which can be purchased separately or in any combination to provide workload protection, microsegmentation, compromise detection, compliance, DevSecOps and AWS EC2 security. At one-third the full platform pricing, the new packages provide enterprises with a more cost-effective entry point to workload security and the flexibility to add fully integrated functionality as the need arises.


DrivenBI SRK Collaboration Hub

Pricing: between $900 and $1,500 per user per year.

Key features: With the Collaboration Hub, Tasks are easily created and notifications automatically pushed in real time to relevant parties through emails or text messages to remind them about actions that need to be taken. More info.


Knowledge Work-as-a Service (KWaaS) platform

Pricing: Pay by transaction is $5 per transaction; Hybrid plan starts at $3,000/month plus $2.50/transaction; an Unlimited plan is $5,000/month.

Key features: eXalt’s KWaaS platform bridges the many internal knowledge gaps that stall the B2B sales process, making processes digital end-to-end without human touch, and providing a competitive advantage in the marketplace. More info.


EnCase Endpoint Investigator

Key Features: Enables investigators to complete discreet and secure internal investigations of any endpoint (desktops, laptops, servers, etc.) across their network, without disrupting day-to-day operations. With disk-level visibility and the ability to capture volatile data, EnCase Endpoint Investigator provides investigators with the data they need to meet their internal investigation needs. More info.


Unified Authentication Portal

Pricing: Starts at $20/user/month for 25+ users. The enterprise edition is $40/user/month for 100+ users.

Key features: Apply authentication and security policies such as Single Sign On (SSO) across Huddle’s web, desktop and mobile apps. Coupled with more granular permissions control and additional mobile security features, enterprises have greater control over internal and external access to content within Huddle. More info.


IDVector Pro Client

Key features: The IDVector Pro client is a small form-factor USB powered device that provides simple to use, secure Internet access through any nearby wifi network -- trusted or not. More info.


MIRO Controller

Key features: MIRO Controller is an on-premise appliance that continuously monitors multi-carrier networks and routes traffic over the best path. Its new policy engine provides cost-only and performance-only options for optimizing individual applications. More info.


PLUMgrid CloudSecure

Key features: CloudSecure protects container and OpenStack infrastructure by introducing policy-based virtual tap, visualization of security policies and a security ecosystem that builds on micro-segmentation and third-party security service insertion. More info.


NeXtScale System M5 WCT

Key features: Lenovo NeXtScale System addresses the increasing data and computing challenges of the data center by delivering dense performance across a variety of functions using Water Cool Technology. More info.


SecureAuth Cloud Access

Key features: SecureAuth Cloud Access is a cloud-based identity service that improves access control without burdening users, reduces administrative overhead with secure SSO to 8,000+ apps by integrating with existing directories. More info.


Nasuni File Services – Enterprise File Sync and Share

Key features: New file sync and share capabilities enable users to access files from any device, but ensure that IT maintains full control over file access, including the ability to expire links. More info.


Spanning Backup for Salesforce: Encryption Key Management

Key features: Spanning Backup for Salesforce is the first and only AppExchange backup and recovery solution that supports Encryption Key Management allowing enterprise customers to generate and supply their own encryption keys. More info.


Spiceworks Port Scanner and Tester

Key features: The Spiceworks Port Scanner and Tester identifies which ports are open to the internet based on a given IP address, regardless of whether it is a router, switch, or server. IT professionals can use the tool to understand how vulnerable their organization is to external attacks so they can modify firewall settings accordingly. More info.


Veritas Resiliency Platform 2.0

Pricing: starts at $465 per protected physical core and $310 per protected VM for 1-year subscription.

Key features: Veritas Resiliency Platform helps organizations proactively ensure resiliency for applications across public, private and hybrid clouds, with a single solution to cost-efficiently meet all their uptime Service Level Objectives. More info.


Unified Logs and Metrics (ULM)

Key features: ULM is the industry’s first machine data analytics platform to natively ingest, index and analyze metrics and log data together in real-time. ULM transforms data into real-time continuous intelligence for today’s modern applications. More info.


OOB Reboot with Outlet Metering and Alarms

Key features: An effective solution for out-of-band, remote reboot and power control that also includes outlet current consumption monitoring and alarm functions.  Features user-definable alarm trigger levels, plus load shedding function. More info.


Zerto Virtual Replication 5.0

Key features: Zerto Virtual Replication 5.0 brings enterprise-class disaster recovery to Microsoft Azure while also delivering the industry’s first hypervisor-based “one-to-many” replication. Other features include a new mobile application and 30-day journaling. More info.


MasterControl Transfer Performance Qualification (TPQ)

Key features: MasterControl is the first company to offer Transfer Performance Qualification (TPQ). It simplifies the PQ portion of software validation, required by FDA and other regulatory bodies, for customers of Spark, MasterControl's hosted quality management system. More info.



Key features: Industry-first series of universal wireless access points designed to reduce complexity and automate operations with plug-in-play compatibility to defend against IoT threats---fully integrated with the Fortinet Security Fabric. More info.