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iOS 10: Everything you need to know about the iPhone and iPad update

At WWDC 2016, Apple gave us a peek at new features in iOS 10, the iOS update of the iPhone and iPad. Now they are in our grasp.

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iOS 10 deserves attention

The iPhone 7 may have been the star of Apple’s media event earlier today, but the impending release of iOS 10 is worthy of attention in its own right. Packed with a number of compelling new features, iOS 10 should help iPhone owners with even older devices feel like they have a brand new smartphone. Apple last covered iOS 10 indepth at WWDC, so we thought we’d highlight some of the upcoming OS’ most exciting new features to help you refresh your memory. And for those curious, iOS 10 can run on devices as old as the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini 2.

During Apple's special media event today, Phil Schiller announced that iOS 10 will officially become available for download on September 13

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Third-party Siri integration

One of the most exciting new aspects of iOS 10 is that Siri will finally have an API that third-party developers can take advantage of. In short, third-party apps such as Uber and WhatsApp can finally be used and controlled via Siri voice commands. As a quick example, a user in iOS 10 could open up Siri and say, “Send $15 to Mark with SquareCash,” and Siri would initiate and complete the transaction.

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Enhanced lock screen

As Touch ID has gotten incredibly responsive, users have found that they often bypass the lock screen without even being able to see any pertinent notifications. iOS 10 solves this with a new feature called “raise to wake.” As the name implies, iOS 10 users can simply lift up their sleeping iPhone and, thanks to the device’s motion co-processor, the lock screen will light up and display any pending notifications.

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Voicemail transcriptions

This is an exciting new feature. In iOS 10, your iPhone—if you allow it—will take a listen on your voicemail messages and transcribe them for you. This should certainly alleviate the pain of having to slog through a multi-minute message. It’s also great for those instances where you can’t exactly check your voicemail immediately but would still like to get an idea of what that missed call was all about.

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Revamped Apple Music design

Apple Music received a complete design overhaul in iOS 10. The new design should make navigation much simpler while also making it more intuitive to access your downloaded content. Additionally, the new Apple Music design gives users the ability to listen to corresponding lyrics as their music plays.

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Apple’s built-in iOS apps can be deleted

If you have no use for built-in iOS apps such as News or Stocks, well, there’s good news on the horizon. With iOS 10, it’s possible—for the first time—to delete such apps from your home screen.

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Built-in facial recognition

Apple’s new Photos app in iOS 10 is a lot more powerful than its predecessor. Specifically, it will be able to recognize faces, thereby allowing users to organize their photo library by person. While not a new feature on mobile—Google can already do this—it’s nice to see this feature finally hit iOS. Notably, all of the facial recognition work is done on the iPhone itself, thereby reducing any pressing privacy concerns.

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Rich links in messages

Messages in iOS 10 has a plethora of new features, not the least of which is the ability to view rich links within the messages app. This means users can view YouTube clips and play Apple Music links directly from within the Messages app instead of having to view them in an external app.

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Apple Maps overhaul

Apple over the years has steadily improved its built-in Maps app, and iOS 10 represents a huge leap forward in usability. From the ground up, Apple Maps has been redesigned to be more helpful and, equally important, much more intuitive to use. What’s more, Apple Maps has been given a much crisper user interface. Last but not least, the new version of Apple Maps will be more proactive and will alert drivers to important information (i.e., traffic jams, upcoming restaurants, etc.) in real time.

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Apple Pay on the web

Apple Pay is great for point-of-sale (POS) transactions, but now websites will be able to take advantage of Apple Pay. Pretty soon, iPhone users will be able to pay for goods and services directly from their browser, all without having to enter in cumbersome credit card information.

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New ways to respond in Messages

Looking to make chatting more fun, Apple with iOS 10 has vastly increased the number of ways users can respond via Messages. With iOS 10, users can take advantage of bigger emoji, digital handwriting options and a number of bubble effects that allow users to adjust the size and behavior of their chat bubbles. All in all, texting in the new Messages app should be all the more engaging and fun.

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Find your car with Apple Maps

iOS 10 knows when you’re driving. And when you get out of the car, it will sense when you’ve arrived at your destination. In turn, it will also keep tabs on where you’ve parked and place a helpful pin on a map to help you find your car when you’re ready to leave.

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Unsubscribe from email lists

If you receive an email from a mailing you may or may not have signed up for yourself, it’s now easier than ever to unsubscribe: a button will now appear right at the top of the message. This sure beats having to wade through and find in super tiny print an “unsubscribe” link.

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New bedtime assist feature

Though Apple didn’t spend any time on it at WWDC 2016, iOS 10 betas have revealed a new Bedtime tab within the Clock app that is designed to help users go to bed at an appropriate time and wake up well rested in the morning. Naturally, the app also tends to keep tabs on your sleeping patterns and habits, and based on that, give you guidance to more efficiently manage your sleep schedule.

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More 3D Touch options

Control Center in iOS is great, and with iOS 10, users can finally take advantage of 3D Touch functionality on Control Center icons. For example, iOS 10 enables users to 3D Touch the flashlight icon to adjust its intensity. As another example, users can use 3D Touch on the timer app to quickly set a timer or 3D Touch the camera icon to quickly record a video or take a selfie.

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Optimize Storage

If you constantly find yourself running out of storage on your device, iOS 10 has a new trick to help you. There is now an option where you can tell your iPhone to automatically remove songs you haven’t played in a while from your device.

apple ios 2016 17

Search for photos by item

In iOS 10, users can search for photos based on items that happen to be in them. For example, Apple says it’s possible to search photos “by the people or things in them, like a beach, a football game, or a puppy.”

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Built in GIF search in Messages

Among the many new features in iOS 10 Messages is the ability to search for GIFs within the Messages app itself. Already a staple of popular third-party keyboards, it will be nice to see this functionality built right into iOS.