New products of the week 9.12.16

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as ZeroStack and Spectra Logic.

products of the week

New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.


Basic OOB Reboot Solution for 240 VAC

Key features: An economical solution for controlling remote 240 VAC reboot and power control functions at remote network equipment sites. Features dual 20 Amp power inlets and eight switched IEC-C13 power outlets. More info.


Spectra BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway – BlackPearl P Series and BlackPearl V Series

Key features: The entry-level BlackPearl V Series lowers the financial barrier for a hybrid cloud solution, and the Blackpearl P Series more than triples the throughput and tape drives compared to the standard BlackPearl. More info.


StealthAUDIT 7.2

Key features: Sensitive Data Reviews, six new Suspicious File System Threat Alerts (ransomware; sensitive data, stale file, user share and peer group activities; modified binaries), UNIX Privileged Account Discovery. More info.


LoadComplete v4.4

Key features: LoadComplete is a desktop tool for load, stress and scalability testing of websites and web applications, with expanded support to include load generation from all regions on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). More info.


ZeroStack Cloud Platform

Key features: ZeroStack Cloud Platform is now the only solution that offers bi-directional workload portability across hypervisors, with one-click workload migration to or from AWS or VMware vSphere. More info.

proov 2

prooV Pilot-as-a-Service

Pricing: While in Beta, prooV is free of charge for all users. As of 2017, software vendors will be charged between $1000-3000 per accepted pilot and enterprises will be charged for premium features.

Key features: prooV is the first Pilot-as-a-Service platform, enabling enterprises and software vendors to connect and run PoCs through remote, secure testing environments. With prooV, organizations complete PoCs in days, not months. More info.


eG Enterprise 6.2

Key features: eG Enterprise 6.2 includes automated IT performance diagnosis capabilities for management of performance problems that originate within application code. It enables complete service-delivery quality management through IT-wide performance awareness. eG Enterprise 6.2 can instantly pinpoint performance bottlenecks across all IT business units and functional silos, improving efficiency and strategic flexibility. More info.


DSS Deception

Key Features: DSS Deception is a cyber deception solution built on vArmour’s distributed security architecture. It's a simple, scalable, and secure solution that protects next generation data centers. More Info.


Trusona Cloud Identity Suite

Pricing: Trusona Essential: Free; Trusona Executive: Starting at $20; Trusona Elite: Starting at $50

Key features: Trusona’s Cloud Identity Suite includes three tiers of online identity authentication—Essential, Executive and Elite— that provide a dynamic way to authenticate users, ushering in the end of insecure, static passwords. More info.


CxSAST, Swift Programming Language Support

Key features: New Swift language support, provides Checkmarx CxSAST users with the ability to identify, and mitigate security, quality and compliance issues in their Swift code. More info.



Key features: The NF-60 edge appliance is available with cache sizes from 2TB to 6TB and is based on Dell’s T130xl. It is one of several revamped edge appliances from Nasuni. More info.


Limelight Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Key features: The Limelight WAF eliminates HTTP application threats by identifying and blocking common attacks such as Cross-Site Scripting and SQL Injection. The service is integrated with Limelight’s global Content Delivery Network (CDN). More info.


FlexNet Manager Suite

Key features - Optimizing spending by identifying redundancies, such as users who are licensed for Office functionality via both perpetual licenses and Office 365 subscriptions, or identifying opportunities to reduce on-premises service deployments in favor of Office 365 services. More info.


Ext JS 6.2

Pricing: for use by up to 5 developers: Ext JS Standard: $4,340; Ext JS Pro: $6,280; Ext JS Premium: $9,190

Key features: Ext JS 6.2 new features help build powerful, data-rich, cross-platform web applications, bringing leading-edge data visualization capabilities (D3 and data analytics) to any Ext JS web application consumer or developer. More info.



Key features: SiteAnalyzer is a cloud-based tool powered by InfoSight predictive analytics that enables reseller partners to gain deep visibility into end user storage environments and propose specific solutions, shortening sales cycles. More info.


GridGain Professional Edition 1.7

Key features: A fully supported version of Apache Ignite 1.7 plus patches that have not yet been released in Apache Ignite. Now with non-collocated SQL joins and enhanced support for managing GridGain clusters. More info.

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