New products of the week 9.19.16

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as FairPoint and FogHorn.


New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.



Key features: Contempo is a real-time political news app: swipe left for “the left” and right for “the right.” Integration with Rock the Vote provides an opportunity to register to vote, check registration status. More info.



Key features: The NAVIK SalesAI solution is an add-on tool designed to work seamlessly with popular CRM platforms. NAVIK SalesAI provides predictive data on buyers, identifying the most promising prospects and aligning purchaser needs with products and communication channels. Data driven recommendations help sales professionals close more deals more quickly by providing a customized weekly game plan of prioritized leads and actions. More info.


AppSec Coach

Key features: AppSec Coach provides an education platform to train developers the principles of application security and secure coding. Unlike other solutions, the AppSec Coach is used in the context of the developer’s work, when it is needed most. More info.


Datawatch Monarch 13.5

Key features: Datawatch Monarch 13.5 self-service data prep solution is the fastest and easiest way to make any data analytics-ready with expanded data sources (Salesforce/Google Analytics), new export integrations and advanced prep options. More info.


SecureVue Cloud

Key features: SecureVue Cloud, a fully managed cloud-native SIEM/Log Management solution, delivers a faster, easier, and highly scalable implementation that eliminates the need to purchase and maintain hardware or employ dedicated administrators. More info.


Managed Wireless Local Area Network

Key features: FairPoint’s MWLAN includes a flexible portfolio of managed and on-premises solutions that support BYOD and offer campus-wide coverage, strong end-user authentication support, and stateful firewalls to ensure the integrity and security of the network, and comprehensive services and support. More info.


Billing Central

Key features: FinancialForce Billing Central is a billing app that fully integrates billing, revenue management and accounting operations on the Salesforce Platform, building seamless processes and providing end-to-end visibility across the customer lifecycle. More info.


FogHorn Systems Lightning Standard and Micro

Key features: FogHorn’s Lightning software for the IIoT allows customers to quickly and easily build high-performance edge analytics solutions for industrial operations, and rapidly deploy those applications throughout highly-dispersed, distributed edge environments. More info.


Thunderbolt 3 Dual-4K Docking Station

Key features: This Thunderbolt 3 dock is the first docking station to use revolutionary Thunderbolt 3 technology. The docking station can improve workflow with a single cable, connect your Windows laptop to dual-4K monitors (60Hz) and multiple peripherals at the unrivaled speed of 40Gbps. More info.


Managed SD WAN

Key features: Fully managed WAN solution uses MPLS and broadband Internet links to meet added bandwidth needs associated with cloud, SaaS. Provides dynamic, policy-based application routing and adaptive forward error correction. More info.


StreamSets Dataflow Performance Manager

Key features: With StreamSets Dataflow Performance Manager, enterprises can now map, measure and master dataflow topologies that support key IT initiatives, ensuring they are continually fed timely and trustworthy data. More info.


KEMP 360 Cloud

Pricing: K360-Cloud-MELA-GT1 - $5,000/month; K360-Cloud-MELA-GT2 - $15,000/month; K360-Cloud-MELA-GT3 - $25,000/month; K360-Cloud-MELA-PT1 - $30,000/month; K360-Cloud-MELA-PT2 - $60,000/month; K360-Cloud-MELA-PT3 - $100,000/month

Key features: Subscription-based application delivery framework that powers seamless migration of applications to the cloud. KEMP 360 Cloud's Metered Enterprise Licensing Agreement is the first application delivery model tailor-made for cloud-centric deployment. More info.



Key features: BVQ is an infrastructure performance optimization platform that simplifies the management of virtualized data center operations. More info.


Thycotic Secret Server Cloud

Key features: Comprehensive cloud-based privileged account management solution which allows companies to get up and running in less than one day to protect against cyberattacks that target privileged accounts. More info.


Boomerang 2.0

Key Features: Now available for Microsoft Azure, Boomerang 2.0 is the lowest cost disaster recovery solution for VMware on the market. Boomerang makes it fast, easy, and cost effective to backup and then replicate or migrate VMware virtual machines (VMs) in the Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Boomerang’s unique “Pilot Light” architecture takes full advantage of low cost object storage, resulting in a far less expensive disaster recovery solution compared to competitors who require an active compute component running in the cloud. More info.


Dual GigE OOB Management for 240V Applications

Key features: Provides remote, out-of-band access to console ports, power reboot control and current metering at distant equipment sites. Features internal modem, built-in automatic power transfer switch, plus monitoring and alarm functions. More info.


Forum Sentry API Gateway

Key features: Multicontext authentication capabilities enable enterprises and government organizations to achieve simple, secure Identity Federation and SSO. Other new features include: dynamic user behavior anomaly detection; correlated identity-based response breach prevention; extensible format conversion engine for “any-to-any” token mediation; inline Kerberos to SAML 2.0 SSO; and native SSO integration to SharePoint. More info.


Salesforce Lightning Bolt

Key features: Salesforce Lightning Bolt is a new framework in the Salesforce Platform that accelerates any company's ability to deploy personalized customer experiences with far less investment than was required before. More info.


SmartRecruiters Fall 2016 Release

Key features: SmartRecruiters released a mobile field recruiting application that is integrated into the applicant tracking platform and serves as an extension of digital recruitment marketing into field environments using mobile devices. More info.

a cambium


Key features: Narrowband radio for highly reliable and secure transmissions across long distances that are essential for the Industrial Internet of Things – especially oil and gas, utilities, rail, transportation and mining applications. More info.

a nimble

Nimble Predictive All Flash Arrays

Key features: The Nimble Predictive All Flash Array now offers app-centric management, Quality of Service, secure multi-tenancy across VMware, Microsoft, Linux, OpenStack and Docker environments, as well as app-based storage pricing. More info.

a tegos


Key features: TegoOS is an open, multiplatform system for smart assets. TegoOS allows data and local intelligence embedded on assets to be accessed and integrated through all major mobile and desktop OS's. More info.