The speed of ransomware: 3 seconds to encryption [Infographic]

Once you've clicked the phishing email, it's too late.

Ransomware has reached epidemic proportions, especially among small and midsize businesses (SMBs). A 2015 Securities and Exchange Commission statement noted that SMBs are at "greater risk" of cybercrime, including ransomware, compared to larger enterprises, and they "are far more vulnerable once they are victimized."

Security service provider Arctic Wolf Networks reports that it has seen a "433 percent increase in ransomware attacks this year among our SMB customers."

What's worse: According to a June 2016 CNBC report, ransomware attackers use data stolen from SMBs as a "stepping stone" into bigger organizations. And SMBs will find themselves blamed for breaches and, often, put out of business.

The following infographic from Arctic Wolf explains the particular risk to SMBs and shows just how fast a ransomware attack moves.

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