New products of the week 10.3.16

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as BigID and Drivescale.


New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.


Daptiv TTM

Key features: With Daptiv TTM, teams can better track tasks and submit timesheets, stakeholders get a more accurate view of project status, and initiatives move forward on time and on budget. More info.



Key features: BigID’s platform gives enterprises intelligence and governance controls needed to help protect against proliferating privacy risk and the increasing threat of personal data breaches, and help drive compliance with privacy and security requirements. More info.

100416 icmis

iCIMS Mobile Hiring Manager app

Key features: The iCIMS Mobile Hiring Manager App makes it easy to hire great candidates. Hiring managers can conveniently access information about their open jobs allowing recruiters to fill jobs quickly. More info.


Kendo UI Builder by Progress

Key features: A first of its kind responsive web UI tool, Kendo UI Builder, enables Progress OpenEdge application partners and customers to leverage industry-leading technologies to rapidly and cost-effectively create exceptional future-proof web application experiences. More info.


OOB Rescue Solution with Dual GigE Ports

Key features: Access remote console ports and control power reboots via Ethernet or dial-up. Features 16 RJ-45 serial ports plus 16 switched 120V AC Outlets. Includes onboard modem, ATS and current monitoring. More info.

imanam 2i

GroupID 8

Key features: GroupID 8 revolutionizes how IT manages groups for the most popular platforms including Microsoft Active Directory and Office 365, Google Apps for Work, and Azure Active Directory. More info.


The MapR Converged Data Platform with Microservices Support

Key features: New capabilities for microservices development and deployment in the MapR Converged Data Platform include support for: comprehensive monitoring, data versioning, and A-B/multivariate testing for machine learning model development and optimization. More info.


Qt Lite

Pricing: Dual-licensing model:

  • Open source (Free)
  • Commercial License (for Qt framework)
  • Start-up Pricing (company annual revenue < $100,000)
  • Monthly: $99 per month
  • Yearly: $948 ($79 per month)
  • Monthly Pricing: $350 per month
  • Yearly Pricing: $3540 ($$295 per month)

Key features: Qt Lite contains a wide range of enhancements to the Qt framework that enable developers to streamline the creation and delivery of software and devices for all relevant platforms. More info.


Riak Time Series 1.4 / Riak KV 2.2

Key features: Riak TS 1.4 and Riak KV 2.2 enable developers to build scalable, future-proof applications and offer fine grain control over running operations to ensure peak performance. The new releases add significant new features, including extended support for SQL commands and the ability to expire unneeded data. More info.


DriveScale System

Pricing: Adapter: $6,000; Per node annual sub: $2,000; Per disk annual sub: $20

Key features: The latest updates to the DriveScale System improved storage-ready functionality, expanded server OS support for building big data infrastructures and proactive monitoring and issue rectification via real-time alerting built directly into the user interface. More info.


Key features: is an API-driven B2B e-commerce platform for developers offering new capabilities for software integrators, digital agencies and other app builders to develop and deploy complex e-commerce solutions. Developers can focus on the user experience, rather than building from scratch. Because of the interactive API console, rapid development tools, SDK library and comprehensive docs, they can add new eCommerce features in minutes or build a ground-up eCommerce capability in days. More info.


Sonus SBC SWe Lite

Key features: Sonus SBC SWe Lite is a virtualized e-SBC that supplements the Sonus SBC SWe by providing a vCPE option for SMEs looking to virtualize interworking, security and survivability for unified communications. More info.

actiontec 750

ScreenBeam 750

Key features: ScreenBeam 750 increases productivity and collaboration by enabling real mobility, interactivity, productivity and collaboration in classrooms and meeting rooms. More info.

actiontec 960

ScreenBeam 960

Key features: ScreenBeam 960 is an enterprise-grade wireless display receiver for business professionals, medical practitioners and educators who need wireless display connectivity to collaborate, create and communicate. More info.


Datera Elastic Data Fabric 2.0

Key features: Datera Elastic Data Fabric 2.0 is the leading universal data platform that supports any application, on any orchestration stack, at any scale. More info.


Fall 2016 Release

Key features: With the Fall 2016 release, SOASTA has further advanced its DPM capabilities, providing digital businesses unparalleled ability to deliver the best possible customer experience and business outcome in real time. More info.


Voximplant Web SDK

Key features: The Voximplant Web SDK allows developers to more easily embed voice and video communication into any web application. More info.


Key features - is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that allows businesses to control their content across collaboration platforms including Microsoft Office 365, Slack, Salesforce, Box, Dropbox and Google for Work. More info.


BetterWorks Work Graph

Key features: BetterWorks Work Graph intelligently prompts managers to provide employee feedback and recognition through machine learning capabilities. By collecting robust data on actual workplace priorities and activities, companies become even smarter. More info.


Dispel Voice & Video Conferencing System

Pricing: charge a margin on top of the cost of what the cloud provider is charging for the virtual machine instance. For example, if a user was running 10 Amazon AWS m4.large servers ($0.12 per hour) the cost to the client would be $0.12 x (1 + Client-negotiated Margin %).

Key features: Dispel Voice & Video Conferencing System is an enterprise-grade counter-reconnaissance, double-encrypted application for securing IP-based mobile and desktop communications against hacker profiling, tracking and infiltration. More info.



Key features - Allows reps to prospect, prioritize and contact leads and prospects without juggling multiple tools, and automatically syncs leads and activities to the CRM without manual data entry. More info.


Avi Vantage Platform

Key features: Avi Vantage Platform empowers enterprises to regain control of applications by standardizing load balancing across clouds, gaining visibility into application performance through analytics, and predictively autoscaling applications. More info.


Paxata Business Information Platform Fall '16 release

Key Features: enables IT to make all data from enterprise and cloud sources available to business teams. Paxata Connect features extensible backbone to develop and utilize data source connectors, introduce custom data preparation algorithms, and reuse existing data preparation scripts. Paxata Self-service Data Preparation Application provides new capabilities for analysts, including new column management for wide data set support and project cloning for re-usable step templates.


Cypherpath Infrastructure Container System

Key features: The Cypherpath ICS is an Infrastructure as a File (IaaF) solution that provides customers with the power to model, build, deploy, run and manage virtual data center infrastructure as easily as sharing a file. More info.


Dome9 Compliance Engine

Key features: The Dome9 Compliance Engine radically simplifies how enterprises aggregate, assess, remediate and enforce the compliance posture across IaaS public cloud environments and speed up the compliance lifecycle of cloud infrastructure. More info.



Key features: Pulseway is a mobile-first, cloud-first remote monitoring and management platform that lets you stay on top of your IT environment from your smartphone or tablet. More info.


Cazena Data Lake as a Service

Key features: Cazena’s data lakes as a service based on Cloudera Enterprise will now be available on Microsoft’s Azure cloud Platform. More info.


BlueData EPIC Fall Release

Key features: This new release of the BlueData EPIC software platform adds enterprise-class security for Big Data deployments in production. It also provides networking and storage enhancements for running Hadoop and Spark clusters in Docker containers. More info.


Catchpoint Unified Digital Experience Monitoring Platform

Key features: Catchpoint’s platform now integrates synthetic (active) and real user monitoring data and delivers fully customizable visualization and dashboards. This helps organizations speed detection, identification, and resolution of digital experience issues. More info.


AsTech Legacy Application Security Evaluation and Remediation (LASER) Program

Key features: Combining automation and human engineering elements, LASER brings a deeper level of scrutiny and attention to detail to any software security enhancement process for large scale applications. More info.



Key features: Skype for Business cloud managed services to help enterprises transition from on premise, to hybrid or cloud – headlined by PowerAssurance Special Edition, which is aligned with Microsoft’s Skype Operations Framework. More info.


MicroSaver 2.0 Keyed Laptop Lock

Key features: Engineered to provide maximum anti-theft security, the MicroSaver 2.0 lock helps protect valuable hardware and data in smaller, compact laptops without compromising strength. More info.


Realm Mobile Platform

Key features: The Realm Mobile Platform, combines the Realm Mobile Database, the world’s most popular mobile third-party database, and the new Realm Object Server to deliver live data synchronization between users. More info.


Exabeam 3.0

Key features: Exabeam 3.0 has been updated with an “elastic” architecture designed to ingest, store, and analyze exponentially larger volumes of behavioral data for analysis of potential malicious entity and human behavior. More info.


Jungle Disk Cloud Backup

Key features: Jungle Disk launches a new version of its cloud backup software. Customers benefit from faster backups, enhanced data security, and optimized support for the newest Windows and macOS operating systems. More info.

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