Tapping into IT’s in-house entrepreneurs

Visionary CIOs say the fastest way to meet the demands of digital transformation is to empower IT employees to make decisions on their own.

hands work as a team managing business and technology gears and symbols to create innovation

The tech world is famous for producing entrepreneurs who turn startups into corporate empires while radically changing the way people work, play and interact.

But what if that entrepreneurial spirit wasn't channeled into building new businesses? Could it, instead, be used to shake up existing organizations?

Dr. David A. Bray, senior executive and CIO, United States Federal Communications Commission [2015] FCC

David Bray, FCC

Absolutely, says David A. Bray, senior executive and CIO at the Federal Communications Commission.

Bray arrived at the FCC in August 2013 as the 10th CIO in an eight-year span. He stepped into the role as the federal government was undergoing sequestration. He inherited an IT infrastructure with 207 different on-premises systems for an organization with just under 2,000 employees, and those systems were an average of 10 years old. Maintenance costs were consuming more than 85% of the IT budget, and that figure was expected to climb.

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