Why it takes a cloud service to manage cloud services

Chances are, your business already uses multitudes of cloud services and integrates with many more. How do you manage them all? These services can help.

cloud management

How many cloud services is your business using right now?

Whatever number you came up with, the real number is probably two or three times higher, says Eric Christopher, CEO of SaaS management platform Zylo.

“We go to customers and ask them if they think they have a lot of cloud apps. They say ‘oh my gosh, we do’ but they don’t know how many. If they guess 50, it’s actually 180,” says Christopher.

“There are lots of studies that say CIOs say shadow IT is in maybe 40 percent [of companies]; we see it’s in 70 or 100 percent of our customers. it used to be that a company would buy one thing for millions of dollars and it would go through one small group. Not any more. It’s multi-millions of dollars that get rolled up into some budget like marketing where no-one can see it.”

Knowing what cloud services your business is using also gives you the opportunity to see what integration points you should be exposing to those services. If Salesforce is in use across your business, you want it to connect to the right internal systems to make it more useful to users.

That’s where cloud management services like Zylo come in.

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